• Pony Cons iPhone App

    While online pony shenanigans tends to dwindle during the off seasons, conventions grow at an alarming rate.  Nothing like meeting up with those people you have been talking to for years!

    A new app has arrived that hopes to explain each one in detail for those looking to join one.  Head on down below the break for all the information on it!

    Pony Cons is a new, free iPhone app for tracking My Little Pony conventions. The app tracks over 90 past and future conventions, as well as over 75 guests of honor who have attended them, including voice actors, directors, writers, artists, and more. You can browse conventions on a map, to find what conventions are closest to you. You can also browse by guest, to see which cons your favorite show staff will be attending next. This app is a collaboration between Steve Streza and Foal Papers, and is free forever.

    M.A. Larson had this to say about the Pony Cons app: "This app is so organized and intuitive it would make Twilight giddy."

    Some features of Pony Cons:

    • See information about past, present, and future conventions
    • See a list of guests of honor who will be attending each convention
    • Visit the website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr pages for conventions
    • See which cons your favorite show staff members will be at
    • Follow conventions and guests of honor on Twitter
    • See a map of where all the conventions around the world are being held
    • Fully accessible with VoiceOver

    The app is available immediately on the App Store.