• Nightly Roundup #993 - LACK OF PODCASTS edition!

    I always get crap for it, but Kung Fu Panda is right up there in my top 10 favorite movies. Now Luna does it, who is in my top 10 ponies. What does this mean citizens of Equestria Daily!? Am I about to open a singularity up with this newfound knowledge?!

    Anyway, get some roundup stuff below. We actually have a lot of interesting stuff in this one! For once the actual news section has completely clobbered the meetups, podcasts, and other parts!


    Scoot scoot scootaloooo.  Found over here!

    Disabled Dad Presenting at Bronycon

    Full Info Here:

    "Coping With Disabilities Through Pony" is panel set to premier at BronyCon 2014. The mission of the panel is to share how the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its fans have helped to improve the lives of individuals with special needs. The organizer, Matthew Palumbo, is a Brony dad with a degenerative eye condition that limits what he can do with his 7 year oldson, Ethan-- but they both bond over FiM. Palumbo is spending the last BronyCon he may attend with good vision hosting a panel to educate and spread awareness of disabilities and how MLP:FiM and bronies can and has helped. He's looking to hear stories direct from Bronies! Unfortunately, all this comes out of his own pocket, and he needs help from the rest of the community to make it to BronyCon and set up the panel. You can find more info here: http://copingwithpony.weebly.com .

    NJ.com Reports on Big Apple PonyCon

    More ponies IN THE NEWS.  Find it over here bros! This is why Calpain isn't here after all. 

    Sanctum 2 Pony Reference

    Thanks to Aegg for sending it!

    Polish STOP THE BATS

    Ecosystems of Online Activity: the Brony Universe

    An interesting little article that details the world of pony online. Head on over here to read it!

    Rainbow Dash Appears in Kimbra Music Video

    Another very small refernce in popular culture.  Expect some dash at the beginning, and I have no idea throughout the rest!

    Get it over here

    Twilight Sparkle Sleeping - A Lullaby

    ~Best pony


    Uncover the Truth Update #1

    New video here:

    Uncover The Truth Main File:

    Pony Counter-Pony Ep. 2 Problem Pie

    Find it here!

    Brony Spotlight Ep. 4: Past Sings

    Find it here!

    Lunar Echoes Episode 27 - Season 4 Reviews Part 1

    https://sites.google.com/site/lunarechoespodcast/home   -  main site
    http://www.buzzsprout.com/16090 - podcast site


    Successful Meetups


    South Coast Bronies (UK)

    "we had a fantastic day during the weekend with the lovely weather and the smell of the ocean.
    We all met up at Bowlplex to start with and played a few games of pool, Then we split up into groups
    and went to play Laser Quest in which we had 3 brutal matches in teams and free for all.
    In the end one of our members Cider Barrel came out on top with 1934 to his total score bagging him the monthly prize!
    Later on we met up with the other group and went to the pub for a few drinks and Cards against Humanity!
    See you next month!"