• Crystal Fair Programming Schedule

    Crystal Fair is a little less than a month away and the staff of this Scandinavian convention are ready to present their programming schedule! Check on after the break to find the full list of events.

    Crystal Fair has published their second wave of programme updates, which completes the list of programme for the entire weekend. It includes numerous events featuring our Community Guests, as well as various interactive events, such as our wife throwing competition. Multiple events have also been dedicated to each of the convention’s three Guests of Honour: They’ll all have their own panels where they themselves will be the primary focus, as well as a Q&A panel with all of them on stage at the same time! You can find the schedule here!

    If you’re looking to get a bit of publicity but aren’t sure where to advertise yourself, there’s still some space for advertisements in our conbook. All those interested in getting more information about prices, sizes, or anything else related to the ads and can contact the Crystal Fair committee at contact@crystalfair.fi.

    All visitors coming to Crystal Fair will have a unique opportunity to purchase a Photoshoot Ticket either before or at the convention. The ticket entitles them to get a photograph of themselves with Tabitha St. Germain, and get a printed version of it signed by Tabitha herself. An official photoshoot with her is a rare opportunity, and is the perfect way to get a unique item accompanied by her autograph as well!

    For those who can’t attend the convention for the whole weekend, Single Day Passes have also been added into our web store. As well as getting access to the convention, those with Friday tickets can upgrade their tickets to 3-day passes if they wish to do so.

    Everything an eager con-goer needs to know about Cystal Fair can be found on its official website: www.crystalfair.fi/. For instant updates, you can follow Crystal Fair on:

    Aurora’s Twitter (Our mascot)
    We also have sections in the following forums dedicated solely to Crystal Fair:

    Eurobronies.org (In English)
    Brony.fi (In Finnish)

    Twitter: Calpain