• Writer Training Ground #20 - Twilight's Kingdom Submissions

    Welp, that's a wrap! Season four is over, and with it the Writing Training Ground, at least for now. Pegasus Rescue Brigade is looking into ideas for similar fanfiction events while the summer ticks away. Maybe we can get something else going for all of you to keep your writing going! Hopefully you all had fun!

    And with that, we have submissions. Head on down below the break to check them all out.

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] - 1700 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    Vinyl and Octavia meet the Devil.


    Characters: Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, the Devil

    Slice of Life - 1835 words

    Author: DouglasTrotter

    Tirek felt a "present" was in order for his brother. Sinuba The Jackal was released from her cell. While Tirek's own confrontation took place, a fierce battle ensued between Sinuba and Scorpan. With the creature subdued, Scorpan decides he is tired of running.

    Train Ride

    Characters: Scorpan, Maud Pie, Princess Celestia

    [Normal] - 3294 words

    Author: Tallrascha

    Tirek and his younger brother Scorpan have been terrorizing Equestria for weeks. Now, Scorpan heads north to find more power for his brother, but what he finds is more than what he had been expecting.

    Scorpans retreat

    Characters: Scorpan, Starswirl the Bearded


    [Random][Comedy] - 1344 words

    Author: Yukito

    The dreaded witch Medusa has escaped from her inprisonment in Tartarus and is now scheming her takeover of all of Equestria! She just needs to remember to take things slow, one little step at a time.

    One Step at a Time

    Characters: OC, Maud Pie, Igneous Rock

    [Random] - 1743 words

    Author: Renaissancebrony

    We must never forget the cloud that perished in the Crystal Empire Equestria Games. NOTE TO EQUESTRIA DAILY - Something went wrong when I tried to submit this story for last week's prompt. When I emailed you asking what to do you advised me to submit it again this week with a note explaining what was happening, so here you go. This story was written for the "Equestria Games" prompt.

    Crystal Cloud

    Characters: OC

    [Comedy][Random] - 1666 words

    Author: DiscordSparkle

    Discord bets Twilight that he can be a better alicorn princess than her! Prepare for a ridiculous story that you shouldn't take seriously! It is intentionally absurd and makes no sense whatsoever! You've been warned!

    Discord Runs for Princess

    Characters: Discord, Princess Twilight Sparkle

    [Random][Sad] - 3888 words

    Author: Scarf Ace

    Seventeen years ago, a small group of exploring ponies was trapped in Tartarus after Cerberus briefly left the gate unguarded. Now, the hour of their salvation is drawing nearer, and the ponies raise their voices to the Patriarch that they have always revered - Lord Karn, the Alicorn who saved countless ponies from Discord and whose spirit lives on in their hearts.

    The Deliverance of the Exiles

    Characters: Father Wellborn, Bravespark, Winter Rain (OC ponies), Princess Celestia

    [Comedy] - 5133 words

    Author: Procrastinator_Darkstar

    Tirek's was not the only one to escape Tartarus that day, and he has waited a long time to get back to the world that forget him and with practically erased from their world there is not really much left to convince him that re-educating the ponies of Equestria isn't a bad idea.

    The Other One

    Characters: OC

    [Comedy][Normal] - 5700 words

    Author: Georg

    After Tirek’s rampage, Princess Twilight Sparkle had lost her home and all of the things that her friends and family had contributed to it over the years she had been in Ponyville. Fortunately for her, Twilight Velvet had managed to find and restore one precious memory for her favorite daughter to take into her new home, forever. Unfortunately, it was a piano. The same piano Twilight Sparkle and her friends had ‘accidentally’ pushed off a tower balcony during her move to Ponyville. Even after the remains had been stuffed into a locked chest and disposed of forever in the depths of Tartarus, her mother had brought it home, restored it to perfect condition, and returned it. After all, Twilight Velvet loves her daughter, and knows how much the piano means to her. (Inspired by Estee's 100% Move = 50% Fire)

    Cutting the Chord, Swinging the Hammer, and Dropping the Piano

    Characters: Princess Twilight Sparkle, A Steingraeber & Söhne Early Depresson Recovery Piano, The rest of her friends

    [Comedy] - 1778 words

    Author: Blnddog

    Tirek releases the Smooze from Tartarus, but maybe a gelatinous blob of witch's brew shouldn't try to take on an immortal alicorn princess right after a rough night of monster fighting and dream walking.

    Princess Luna Drinks The Smooze

    Characters: Luna, Celestia


    Sci-Fi - 1083 words

    Author: Ultra Sonic 007

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders are a rather extreme example of every pony's innate fixation with destiny. In truth, it's nothing so grand...and that's why I frighten them so much.

    The Apportioner(s)

    Characters: OC, Celestia, Discord

    [Adventure] - 1183 words

    Author: dredaich

    Starswirl the Bearded meets Scorpan, while roaming a forest.

    Mage and Magebane

    Characters: Starswirl, Scorpan

    [Adventure] - 1008 words

    Author: Arkan0id

    When two bizarre characters appear in Ponyville after the recent devastation caused by Tirek and Discord, it quickly becomes clear that Tirek's legacy is continuing. To make matters worse Princess Twilight and her friends are elsewhere while the takeover of Ponyville by Tirek cultists is in progress. Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are caught in the middle of the madness. (Chapter 1)

    Vinyl and Tavi: Cult Busters

    Characters: Vinyl Scratch , Octavia Melody

    [Adventure] - 6136 words

    Author: Zeck

    Trixie's first real test as Princess Luna's apprentice has come and gone. She was sent to capture a creature that escaped from Tartarus, and while the contest was difficult for her, she succeeded. Unfortunately, on her way back to Canterlot, she realizes that her victory might not be as assured as she thought it was.

    Trixie's Task

    Characters: Trixie, Silent Wing


    [Dark] - 1101 words

    Author: RenaissanceBrony

    Why was Tirek able to escape from Tartarus despite his weakened state? Perhaps it's because that was the plan all along.

    Unbound Fate

    Characters: Scorpan, Princess Celestia, Starswirl the Bearded


    [Sad][Dark] - 2743 words

    Author: TheCrystalRing

    I had been locked away down there for what felt like an eternity, with only darkness and shadows to keep me company. No escape, no hope, only darkness. I thought I would never escape. But then, one day, Cerberus left his post, and I could finally flee. But I wasn't gone for that long, right?

    The Path to Paradise

    Characters: Other (Story Spoiler), Princess Celestia, Shining Armor

    [Sad][Adventure] - 4173 words

    Author: Zaphilious

    Two former prisoners of Tartarus find each other in Twilight's Castle, both there for different reasons, and only one can read minds.

    The Fairy and the Monkey

    Characters: OC, OC