• Tumblr Spotlight: Pearjack / Ask Sexually Confused Lyra / Lacerator Lyra / Twixie Genies / Pinkie's Earth Adventures

    Heya gang! Sorry it has been so long since the last Tumblr Spotlight! Between the season finale and going to Connecticut on vacation I haven't had a lot of time. Hopefully I can get these along with the Artist Spotlight back on a regular schedule.

    Anyhow, we've got a nice mix for you guys today! We've got silly, grimdark, shipping, and even a charity tumblr to spotlight today.

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at [email protected] or my Twitter for review and filing. Mature themed ones (PG-13) are welcome as well!

    Update: If you have been featured before and were in hiatus and are coming back you can inform me at [email protected]! I am starting a section at the end of spotlights that will point out tumblrs coming out of hiatus so people can check them out.

    Now on to the tumblrs!


    You'd be hard pressed to find a cuter version of Applejack as long as Pearjack is alive and kicking! Starting off as a silly sort of one shot deal by FauxSquared the little mare has captured the hearts of pony fans across the fandom and has grown to include many different comics and even a tumblr! Pearjack is still new and a lot of the entries are old comics we posted on EqD before, but for those of you wanting to keep up to date with all that is Pearjack you should definitely follow this tumblr!

    Pearjack - Current Page - First Page

    While for many of us our orientation is clear as night and day, many others struggle each day with how they truly feel about those they are attracted too. Enter in Lyra, who is troubled by thoughts for both Big Mac and her friend Bon Bon. Composed of asks from readers along with attempts at story, it's an interesting tumblr worth checking out, especially for those who struggle with their own feelings. Furthermore, it looks like the artist is rebooting the tumblr so get in on the ground floor while you can!

    Ask Sexually Confused Lyra - Current Page - First Page

    This next one I need to place a warning on: This Tumblr contains grimdark material. If it isn't your thing don't click the links! All good? Good!

    Lacerator Lyra follows the story of a mutated Lyra, one of the many ponies in Equestria that have mutated due to a mysterious virus that grants whatever the infected desires, but at a price. A unique and gory take on the Lyra wants hands meme, it's sure to please those who are looking for some horror in their pony.

    Lacerator Lyra - Current Page - First Page

    It's always cool to see something full blown develop from a very simple subject. What started as just three panels of Trixie asking a genie Twilight for three wishes has evolved into a fully fledged ongoing story involving a full cast of characters. With story, character, and heart, this is a tumblr for those that like a little shipping and a story to go along with it.

    Twixie Genies - Current Page - First Page

    Pinkie's Earth Adventures

    This last tumblr is one of our most unique! Starring a Pinkie Pie cosplayer, this tumblr followers Pinkie and various cosplayers as they do charity events and fun events for children. A cute and adorable side to cosplaying check it out and follow Pinkie's Earth Adventures!

    Pinkie's Earth Adventures - Current Page