• Story: The Wonder Years (Update Part 4!)

    [Slice of Life][Comedy]

    Author: Seether00

    Description: Captain Rainbow Dash of the Wonderbolts. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Certainly her dream job. Well, dreams and reality are two very different things. Especially when our newly minted captain has to deal with an empty roster, budget cuts, the first non-pegasi cadets, and the pressure of finding out your best friend is now your boss, let alone a princess. If that weren’t enough to make her quit, her three wing commanders might. Cloud Kicker is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen; Surprise makes no sense; and Lightning Dust is, well, Lightning Dust. Meanwhile, Scootaloo arrives at the academy, ready and raring to prove she’s got what it takes to be an elite flyer. Pressure mounts as Scootaloo aims to make her hero proud.

    The Wonder Years (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: Rainbow Dash discovers the 'joys' of command