• Nightly Roundup #982

    These two really are adorable together or maybe it's because I love Sophie's art. Maybe both?

    At any rate, not a lot on the news plate tonight guys thought check it all out if you can!

    Tonight's Stories

    Rainbow Dash Computer Grill

    Now that is one awesome looking computer!

    You Remind of Someone Comic Dub

    Ah, I remember this one! It's a bit old, but it never stops being bittersweet.

    Rap News Features Ponies

    A popular internet series on Youtube had ponies in it during a net neutrality episode.

    Luna Silliness

    Got to have some silliness in a Roundup! Source

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Your OC Sucks Episode 12 Red

    This week we take a look at some of the Communist Ponies in the fandom

    Pegasisters Live - New Site and Guest Starring Peter New

    Stay Brony My Friends #76 - Fluffle Puff

    Another great evening of fun was had on Stay Brony My Friends this week as we welcomed FluffyMixer to the show! We discussed his love of bug horses, fluffly ponies, and tacos. You should check it out!

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