• Nightly Roundup #981

    An artist sent in this awesome compilation of season 4 events! I can't believe it has been almost two weeks since the season ended. Next season can't come any faster.

    Some news guys! Check it out!

    Tonight's Stories

    TrotMania Chrystalize Append Released

    There is just one more stop on the road to Las Pegasus, and one of the most highly anticipated music festivals in the entire country. The one festival that simply everypony wants to attend at least once (well, that is if they're even a fan of electronic music; although the Appleloosa Country Corral is pretty good too). It has gotten so big, that it has even received spin-offs held in different parts of Equestria. While its organizers consider them to be the appetizers, the fans eat it up just as much as the main course. Besides, what's the harm in holding a spin-off of a festival celebrating the summer solstice in the middle of spring?

    The harm is that, if this event didn't exist, you wouldn't be going to Baltimare right now for the...


    Check out the full story here!

    EqG Hits Italian Stores

    EqG is now on sale in Italy! Get it while you can!

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Poster artist DaisyHead Here. This weeks movie is Dead Heat. L.A.? cops
    Roger Mortis and Doug Bigelow are sent to deal with a string of crimes
    commited by an army of undead created by a mad man who has learned the
    secret of resurrection. Mortis is killed in action and is brought back to life
    to go toe-to-toe against the undead army.

    Hosts for this week are:
    Halequin Jester
    Pony Cat

    LOCATION WILL BE HERE: http://www.livestream.com/poniboorufilmnight?t=250163


    Pony in Official 'Forza Motorsport' News

    Look at some of these amazing paint jobs! So amazing they ended up in the official Forza Motorsport newsletter. Rock on!

    Check out the full story here!

    Guitarist on Jimmy Kimmel Has Pony Sticker

    Take a quick look at this guys guitar and you might just see a little sticker of the Elements of Harmony. Nice!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Do You Want To See The Moon Rise?

    Have a preview of an upcoming animation project!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    PROMO Princess Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset

    MLP FIM Abridged: Treason

    Looks like the full version has been fixed!

    D.E. Round Table: Episode 24 - #horsefamous (Audiocast)


    - Episode Review - Twilight's Kingdom Part 1: 5:45
    - Episode Review - Twilight's Kingdom Part 2: 6:51
    - Episode Opinion and Rating: 8:14
    - RTT: Our Top 10 Favorite Episodes of Season 4: 21:44
    - RTT: Our Top 5 Episodes we HATE/SAY WHAT WE THINK OF THEM: 31:23
    - RTT: Our Top 6 Favorite Characters: 56:01
    - Personal Reflections + UNPOPULAR OPINIONS and RANTS: 1:10:44

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    Today In Pony History

    May 23, 2011-2013

    2011 - EqD hits 7 million!

    2012 - Hasbro C&Ds Whitedove.

    2013 - Rainbow Dash bikini.

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