• Music of the Day #309

    Oh hey, was that what Trixie was up to during all of season 4? She was hanging out in breezieland? This is the only excuse I can think of for her complete absence. Clearly she was off doing important Trixie business.

    Get some music below while we celebrate her return.

    [1] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - Fight with the Demon
    Instrumental - Electronic

    [2] Source
    IgnaPon3 - I thought we were friends

    [3] Source
    Elements of Symphony no. 4 "Ancient Halls"
    Instrumental - Sumphony

    [5] Source
    Kaoss Walker- Crystal... Dragon?
    Instrumental - Happy Metal

    [6] Source
    Sean.M: Clarinet concerto in A Major Op.27 No.1 "winter warp up"

    [8] Source
    Let The Rainbow Remind You (Rainbow Road Mix)
    Remix  - Raiinbow Road

    [9] Source
    Aftermath ft. LilyCloud - Pull Me Through (Vinyl.rawr Remix)
    Instrumental - Dubstep

    [10] Source
    Sonic Rainboom - Vision Potion
    Instrumental - Gao Trance

    [11] Source
    ALfiux - Falling Apart [EP GATEWAY]
    Instrumental - Urban Chill