• EQD Wildstar Guild - Server Chosen (Guild Open!)

    With the launch of Wildstar, it looks like the final choice has been made on servers.  Assuming the game doesn't explode with everyone trying to login at once, we will be aiming for the PVE server Stormtalon.  Enough people wanted that over PVP that we went that route!

    Expect it to open up some time later today, until then, if you plan to play with us, just roll Exile there.  It's pretty dependant on how stable servers are and how quickly we can get to level 12 and get 10 gold to to start the guild up. 

    And if this is completely irrelevant to you, have some sweetie bot again below, because shes the best bot.

    When: Some time tomorrow if we can get the guild open through inevitable server derps

    Update: (Followup will go out once we are starting to invite, chances are I (Ended up with Sethisto) and a few others will be doing it) 

    Update: Guild now open, /whisper Alexstrazse, Sethisto, or anyone else online for an invite to SPACE PONIES. 

    Update: All of the servers are pretty bombarded at the moment as expected.  Don't stress too much about guild invites right now. 

    (Also below the break, some character code for pony style characters from CurryKatsu!)

    Character Codes from CurryKatsu (Input at character select in the save/load box at the bottom):

    Fluttershy - (female aurin)


    Twilight Sparkle- (female aurin) - recommended class: esper


    Rainbow dash (female aurin) 

    Applejack (female aurin) - recommended class: spellslinger


    Princess Luna (female aurin)  recommended class: esper


    Derpy Hooves (Female Aurin)


    The Great and Powerful Trixie who is also the Highest Level Unicorn, (female Aurin) reccomended class: esper



    other characters that aren't Aurin

    DJP0N3- (mordesh female) -  make her a Medic, because all the medic's attack effects looks like wubs/ sound equalizer things.


    DJP0N3- (human female version)


    queen chrysalis (Draken female)


    Pinkie Pie ( as a Chua) -make her an engineer, so she has a party cannon XD