• Discussion: What Do You Want to See Explored in Season 5?

    Now that Season 4 is behind us, and a few of the topics brought up in our season 4 version of this post were, in fact, explored, it's time to repeat it for season 5!

    So, citizens of pony everywhere, what do you want to see explored in the 5th season of My Little Pony? Which parts of the world need some lore lovin, and which characters or races need more air time?

    One of the big ones last time around was the history between Luna and Celestia, and I think we got a staggering amount of that already.  Discord on the other hand remains a mystery. 

    Anyway, I'll quit my blabberin and let you get to it! Head on down to the comments and drop your wishes for season 5! Who knows, maybe someone from DHX will swing by and see an idea they!

    "You can give me an episode, can't you?