• Nightly Roundup #953

    Long Trixie is Long.

    I'm hoping I dont regret this roundup in the morning.  Get the usual stuff below!

    Discord "Be Prepared" Parody

    Because Discord is Scarrry

    Legends of Equestria Dance Party

    Pony Chalk Art

    Loads of chalk! Find it over here.

    Quad Knight MLP Game


    Based on Yoshi's Island & Kirby, Quad Knight is a side-scrolling platformer where you collect and use stars to navigate rooms, fight enemies, and solve puzzles. It also has a look as if it was made of crayons!

    Here's the Steam Page:

    Here's a video I made of the small work I've put into it thus far:


    Staring at: Trade Ya, Hamstocalypse Now, and Shake Your Tail

    Find it over here!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Canterlot Winter Wrap up Event

     Canterlot.com's Winter Wrap-Up RP event is for all characters that have been accepted for play in either the Canterlot Chronicles or the World of Equestria RP areas. The event will last two weeks, starting on 4/16.  Each Team will have an RP lead by the team leader, but members are welcome to start their own RP threads as well.

    Canterlot is one of the largest pony RP communities on the internet, but that's not all we do!  We have sections for forum games, gaming, general discussion, and pony discussion, as well as an on-site art gallery for pony art.  Come join our community!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Commissions for a Cause - Charity for Comissions
    Perler Fillies! GoGo!  
    Craft Necklaces
    Shining Armor

    Crayon Ponies!

    Because crayons make the world go round!