• My Little Investigations Recruitment for Episode 2

    After the fanfare of My Little Investigations earlier this month, the team behind the hit game is now opening up recruitment for their second episode as they hope to up their production schedule. They are in need of a lot of different folks so check on after the break for open positions or head here to read the original post.

    Hello, everyone!

    I have exciting news to relay to you all: as of this moment, recruitment for positions for case 2 is officially open! I know that quite a few people have been antsy to join our team and lend their talents to making MLI as good as it can be, so here’s your chance! We have a number of positions open, so I hope that everyone can find something that they can do. :)

    Here’s what we have open – information about the positions and instructions on how to apply can be found on each page:

    Visual artists

    Vector artist
    Cutscene artist

    Music & sound design

    Audio engineer

    Voice actors

    (Explanation of each role can be found by clicking the link above.)

    Female roles

    Larger roles

    Sapphire Shores
    Lyrica Lilac
    Royal Ribbon

    Smaller roles

    Princess Celestia
    Aunt Orange
    Jenny Juniper (OC)

    Male or female roles

    Smaller roles


    Male roles

    Larger roles

    Philo Reed (OC)

    Smaller roles

    Uncle Orange
    Gustave le Grand
    Dim Delite (OC)

    As stated in the recruitment pages, we’re accepting applications until May 23 (May 16 for voice actor roles). Best of luck to you all!

    Twitter: Calpain