• Doctor Whoof Crossover Movie Finally Announced for 2046

    Let's kick this one off with a throwback image! Man, I can't believe how long ago it was we had the 13th Doctor around.

    Anyway, this is the moment all you Doctor Who fans have been waiting for! After years of licensing issues and paperwork, we're finally getting our Friendship is Magic/Doctor Who crossover film, and starring none other than a ponified version of the 22nd Doctor, Nicolas Cage! He definitely pulls off the "kooky old man" type that they've been going for the past couple seasons.

    While they haven't given away too much about the movie, they did provide this synopsis:
    When the Doctor accidentally sends the TARDIS through a rift in time, he finds himself to be a little horse! Trapped in an alternate earth inhabited by magic talking ponies and caught in a war started by one of his oldest enemies, the Doctor must save the kingdom of Equestria and repair the TARDIS in under 24 hours.
    There's no title yet, but it has been confirmed that M. A. Larson and Steven Moffat will both be returning to write the story, so it's sure to be exciting! The expected release date is late summer of 2046.

    Get ready, fellow whoofvians!