• We Love Fine Teasing Another Figurine - Prototype Goes to Internet Spies

    Is that LIGHT BLUE.  Is that my favorite butt symbol in the show?! We Love Fine is teasing another figurine, which I think you can all guess the name of based on that little teaser right there.

    Since the last round was pretty heavily leaked by all of you internet super-spies digging around at URLs, they are challenging you to find everything out this time the same way, in fact, it is now a contest.

    There is a set of images buried in their database somewhere that you will need to discover.  The first person to find the final reveal image will straight up win the actual prototype of the figurine.  There is only one available, so expect it to go collectable mode pretty quick. 

    Have the url of this image to start: http://www.welovefine.com/img/cms/feature/nureveel/secondreveal_1.jpg

    Good luck! They are checking comments here on EQD for the winner, so dig quick!

    Once it is discovered, they will toss the actual non-prototype figure up for pre-order over here