• (Rumor) New McDonalds Pony Set Popping Up After Next Toy Set

    We have had a few people report this, some from McDonalds, and others just from word of mouth.  There isn't anything exact to point to as of right now though, so I'm leaving it as a rumor tag.

    Anyway, a few months ago, we posted this image of Vinyl Scratch as a McDonalds figure from Chinese website Taobao.  Since then, she has popped up in various locations, including Ebay and other cross-continent shipping sites.

    Over on the McDonalds website, they usually show off the next set in the toy lineup for happy meals.  Currently LEGO is dominating, with Mr. Peabody and Sherman coming in after.  Once that finishes it's rotation, rumor has it pony is in line. 

    We will know for sure once LEGO is finished in the next few days here.  If Vinyl Scratch is one of them, expect some of the other fan favorites to dominate this set.

    Thanks to everyone for the tip!