• Snowpony Event - Go Make a Snow or Sand Pony! - 2014 Edition

    It is time once again for a snow pony event! What is a snow pony event? Heading over here should give you an idea on that! Basically, your mission is to craft a pony out of either sand or snow and send a picture of it to us. 

    Don't have any snow? Live in a desert like I do? That is perfectly fine too! Get some sand and build yourself a pony out of that instead! It may not be nearly as formable as snow, but you can pull it off if you really go all out.  Worst case is you make a blob pony, and last year that was perfectly acceptable.

    Head on down below the break for the rules and submission information! Happy crafting!

    How do I submit? 

    Send a URL (Deviant Art is best!) or image to [email protected] with the subject line SNOW PONY EVENT.

    What is the deadline? 

    February 25th at 11:59 PM PST

    How many can I send? 

    As many as you want!  We may pick and choose if you spam us though!

    Now go have fun! And be sure to use proper equipment for playing in the snow.  It's cold out there!