• MLP: CCG - First Canterlot Nights Card + Multiplayer / Team Rules!

    Spoilers: this isn't the Canterlot Nights card!

    Hi, all! There’s some exciting stuff for you today on the My Little Pony CCG front. Canterlot Nights is coming in just a couple months now, and we have our first spoiler card ready to show off... a certain Princess of the Night, no less!

    I’m also happy to share with you all the first edition of Multiplayer Rules for MLP: CCG, so you can play games with 3 and more players simultaneously, including team play! Trust me, multiplayer is quite a different experience, and really a lot of fun. I hope you’ll join me after the break for more info!

    Multiplayer Rules

    Why multiplayer rules? Well, sometimes you get together to play MLP: CCG and there’s an odd number of players. Usually this means someone needs to sit out and wait for a chance to play. Maybe you just want to try out a new way to play the CCG, where each players’ decisions matter on a whole different level and some cards have all new uses? Or maybe you want to try teaming up with your best friend to take down some stiff competition...

    Either way, our beta Multiplayer Rules are here to the rescue! Beta, you may ask? Well, they’re definitely ready for you to play and enjoy, but we’re really interested in hearing feedback from the players about these rules. This is a social format, and we want you, the community, to feel like you had input in making this be a gameplay style you like to play!

    As mentioned earlier, this document includes rules for “simple” team play. We intend to provide another style of cooperative play in the future, but for now this is definitely something to try.

    Click here to see the beta Multiplayer Rules. Try them out, have some fun, and let us know what you think!

    Canterlot Nights

    And, as promised, I present to you Princess Luna, Night Mare, our first spoiler card from the first expansion of the My Little Pony CCG, Canterlot Nights!

    Nightmare Night, what a fright~

    As you can see, when you play this Princess Luna card to a Problem she frightens somepony there. In other words, she has an extreme case of “knows how to make an entrance.”

    This is just one of the many new gameplay effects you’ll be seeing in Canterlot Nights, and a combo piece of one of my personal favorite decks involving thunderbolts, lightning, and lots and lots of frightening.

    In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more card spoilers, showing off new mechanics and keywords in Canterlot Nights, and providing the Comprehensive Rules to help clarify the precise rules of how the game is played at its most advanced levels. All this and more, leading up to the April release of Canterlot Nights... See you next time!