• Discussion: What are your Theories on the Rainbow Items Spread Throughout the Season So Far?

    This season has an arc! As of right now, it's still unknown what exactly is going to happen with it.  We have keys to unlock a box, and these rainbow objects that may or may not be keys popping up for each of the mane 6. 

    We have received countless emails with people's thoughts and ideas on what they think is going on, so I figured I'd formulate that into a discussion post. 

    We have one more episode left until we hit that halfway point.  What do you think is going to happen in the end? What do you think is in the box? Is everyone going to be transformed into an alicorn, divide up Equestria, and turn season 5 into a Game of Thrones level drama about inter-element intrigue and backstabbing?!  Who would win in something like that? My vote is on Rarity.  You can tell she's just waiting for that "push" before going full on greedmode.