• Discussion: 5 More years, What Do You Plan to Do?

    As was announced earlier today, Hasbro has plans out all the way to five years from now for pony.  That's a lot of years! If each of those gets a season, and each season is 26 episodes, we have 130 episodes or ~2860 more minutes of glorious equine adventures remaining.  How many will sprout horns? Will Flash ever become more of a thing? When is Princess Lulamoon joining the mane cast? The possibilities are endless!

    So what are your plans for the next five years? Are you going to break into the art scene or keep improving via training grounds and prompts? Become the next famous fanfiction to real word publishing author via a pony fanfic masterpiece? Host your very own convention? Or just chill and watch the show like the last three years? It's entirely up to you! Now go!