• Writing Training Grounds #002 - "Rarity Takes Manehattan!" Submission Post - 44 Raritys!

    Another week, another fanfic event.  Fourty Four of you entered this one, even without the incredible influence of Flutterbat to guide your typing fingers.  Hopefully you all had fun once again! Nothing influences the writing more than a good ol' mass event.

    If your fanfic didn't make it, and you missed the announcement a few days ago asking for a resubmit, feel free to send it next week instead! We had some issues with our compiler for the first day and a half or so.

    Anyway, go read stuff! Primary genre listed first, followed by secondary.  If you just want Coco Pommel, Ctrl + F for "Coco", there are a boatload.  

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] 3098 words

    Author: The Dark Star Czar

    Suri's new collection relies on fabric that only Rarity can produce. When she needs more, does she apologize to her rival, ask politely, negotiate for a fair deal. Not likely, okay?

    Getting What You Give

    Characters: Suri Polomare, Coco Pommel,

    [Normal] 1447 words

    Author: Yukito

    Rarity is having trust issues after a recent event in Manehatten. Hopefully her friend will be able to talk some sense into her.

    Trust Issues

    Characters: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Lyra Heartstrings

    [Normal] 6124 words

    Author: Zeck

    Fancy Pants and Fleur Dis Lee have decided to take a vacation from Canterlot and its constant upstaging lifestyle. Manehattan was not their first choice, but with Fashion Week happening, both of the ponies have a certain interest in one of the designers, and hopes about her as well. And of course, Fleur loves clothes too. Told in between the events of 'Rarity Takes Manehattan.'

    In the Background of the City

    Characters: Fancy Pants, Fleur Dis Lee, Coco

    [Normal] 1684 words

    Author: Stanku

    Rarity becomes a part of a social game. But who knows the rules?

    The Game for a Pony

    Characters: Rarity

    [Normal] 4062 words

    Author: elementofknowledge

    Coco Pommel is a young mare who dreams of one day makng a career in the great city of Manehattan. She writes all her wishes in her diary and waits for the day she can finally move to that wonderful city. But Manehattan is a big place, and it's easy to lose yourself.

    I'm Coming, Manehattan

    Characters: Coco Pommel

    [Normal] 1141 words

    Author: Somedudeatemahtaco

    After Fashion Week, Coco Pommel finally gets a chance to show Manehattan her designs, all thanks to a certain unicorn. But what happened to Suri? After she quit, Coco hasn't seen her ever since. Today however, Coco decides to go to a cafe.

    Coffee in Manehattan

    Characters: Coco Pommel, Suri Polomare

    [Normal] 2300 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    Coco grabs a coffee with Rarity, with the intent of discussing her new job.

    True Colors

    Characters: Coco Pommel, Rarity

    [Normal] 1963 words

    Author: Goldymarg

    "That design, those accents, that functionality! Why, if you told me this was simply a costume, I would have never known!" Before their departure back to Ponyville, Rarity spies Spike longingly admiring a strange event being set up at the very hotel they stayed at. Instantly getting stars in his eyes, he tells her that this is the same venue for the largest comicbook convention in Equestria, the Manehatten Comic-Con. Although she initially feels indifferent towards a bunch of ponies dressing up as their favorite heroes and villains from their comics, she can't help but take notice of the level of craftsmanship and love that goes into their costumes...as well as the intriguing subculture behind it all.

    Super Cosplay Princess, Rarity!

    Characters: Rarity, Spike

    [Normal] 1100 words

    Author: AndyManX

    Applejack feels a bit bad for some minor things she did and said to Rarity during the group trip to Manehattan, so she wants to make it up to her.

    What if it Rains?

    Characters: Applejack, Rarity

    [Normal] 3297 words

    Author: TheDarkStarCzar

    Trixie visits Manehattan as a filly and learns a few of the lessons it has to offer.

    A Great and Powerful City

    Characters: Trixie

    [Normal] 1214 words

    Author: megahgirl

    Vinyl Scratch is frustrated by her failure at traditional instruments, particularly when her friend Octavia is practically a string prodigy. But, will a class trip to Manehattan change this filly's life forever?

    Discovering the Wubs

    Characters: Vinyl Scratch, Octavia

    [Normal] 3102 words

    Author: Arroxas

    Coco had been working herself out to Fashion week, the work of her dreams has turn to the one of her nightmares. Could meeting this new mare in town be the fresh air she needs to finally step ahead and get out of there.

    Thread of one night

    Characters: Coco Pommel, Suri Polomare, Rarity


    [Shipping] 4386 words

    Author: Scarf Ace

    Bon-Bon is satisfied. She has a business in Ponyville and a beautiful fillyfriend. But she's walked a long road to get here, and for a long time, that road ran through the crazy, unpredictable and extraordinary city of Manehattan.

    Memory Avenue

    Characters: Bon-Bon

    [Shipping] 1704 words

    Author: housedoc

    Rainbow Dash and Applejack share some time together on top of the Equestria State Building, and try to confront some feelings they have bundled up.

    Loose Ends in Manehattan

    Characters: Applejack, Rainbow Dash


    [Adventure][Sci-Fi] 1234 words

    Author: Dashzilla93

    Twilight finds the bones of a legendary creature long forgotten by time. However, something else in the bones catches Twilights' eyes, and she intends to more into it.


    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Spike

    [Adventure][Dark] 3324 words

    Author: Playnwin

    Underneath its shining exterior and gleaming buildings, the streets of Manehatten are much darker than they appear. A secret war wages within the streets, and Coco Pommel has stumbled into it.

    Those Under the Hoof

    Characters: Coco Pommel,

    [Adventure][Dark] 1217 words

    Author: Hreter

    In a distant future, after the war, after the revolution, when Equestria is just a name in history books, a young pony arrives to a ruinous and deserted Manehattan.

    Generosity Goddess

    Characters: OC

    [Adventure][Dark] 1354 words

    Author: Arkanoid1

    Breezy Trotsworth was an innocent modeling student who accidentally got caught in the middle of a gem smuggling operation by the Manehattan mob. Only through the cold hearted Suri Polomare can she get out of the situation.

    A Special Place for Skimmers Part 1

    Characters: OC, Suri Polomare

    [Adventure][Random] 4381 words

    Author: Borg

    A while after the events of "Rarity takes Manehattan," the other five have also gotten their keys (I know you know that spool of rainbow thread is a key) and opened the box. There didn't seem to be anything inside. They can't figure out what's up with that until a week later, when they start developing superpowers. That's when things get kind of strange.

    Manehattan's Hoofprint

    Characters: Applejack, Rarity


    [Comedy] 1012 words

    Author: SomeForeignGuy

    Spike, the unfortunate soul. Rarity, the ungrateful goddess. What is a tortured soul to do in these circumstances?

    Spike Carries Approximately 1200 Pounds of Clothing

    Characters: Spike, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle

    [Comedy] 1309 words

    Author: NotARealPonydotcom

    Despite Rarity having been the one to learn a proper lesson in the city of Manehatten, the others who went with her all had their own experiences in the big city. One in particular stands out in the mind of Twilight Sparkle, and she can't help but put it down in the journal she shares with her friends.

    Final Thoughts

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, ,

    [Random][Dark] 5333 words

    Author: A Random Guy

    Manehatten is a place of wonder and wealth. But it isn't when it's being invaded by an army of pony-eating couches. Follow Coco Pommel and strangers in this brief adventure as they fight against furniture!

    The Furniture Battle of Manehatten

    Characters: Coco Pommel, Stallion with Angry Cat Cutie Mark, OCs, lots of minor OCs!

    [Comedy][Shipping] 1672 words

    Author: Palm Palette

    Mane-iac arrives in Manehatten and meets Photo Finish. What better way could she be introduced to the new city than a fashion show?

    Mane-iac Takes Manehatten

    Characters: Mane-iac, Photo Finish,

    [Comedy] 3071 words

    Author: Suri Polomare

    Suri Polomare been given a diary to record her thoughts of life in Manehattan. Her dreams and aspirations.The fundamental qualities needed in a fashion designer. Whatever comes to mind. These are her stories.

    Suri-Ously Diary?

    Characters: Suri Polomare, ,

    [Comedy] 4855 words

    Author: Curly Q

    Some ponies take inspiration from various forms of art. Then there's Rainbow Dash, who is not only convinced she can do musical theatre, but do it better, much to Rarity's chagrin.

    The Creative Process With Rainbow P. Dash and Rarity Belle

    Characters: Rarity, Rainbow Dash,

    [Comedy][Random] 1099 words

    Author: Rafael Flores

    After the events of "Rarity takes Manehattan Rainbow Dash has become a monophilia, don't know what that is well think of non stop musical numbers. An interview with Applejack explains how this all began.

    Applejack in an Interview about Rainbow Dash and the Musical Problem or (That Fanfiction with the stupid title)

    Characters: Applejack, Rainbow Dash,

    [Comedy] 1012 words

    Author: SomeForeignGuy

    Spike, the unfortunate soul. Rarity, the ungrateful goddess. What is a tortured soul to do in these circumstances?

    Spike Carries Approximately 1200 Pounds of Clothing

    Characters: Spike, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle

    [Random][Comedy] 2500 words

    Author: MrPandaa

    Lock the Detective-Adventurer-Guy stumbles upon a plot to take Manehatten's textile industry, and must solve the mystery that fuels the whole plot rests on.

    The Case of the Missing Mare

    Characters: OC

    [Comedy] 2368 words

    Author: Signas

    Limelight, a new model in Manehattan's coveted runway, gets ready for her big debut. With the help of a fellow model and new friend, the timid mare tries to build up the nerve to make her mark on Manehattan's fashion scene... Then she gets punched.

    Life's a Joke, Here Comes The Punchline

    Characters: OC

    [Comedy] 3158 words

    Author: Sarcasmo

    Four years prior at her very first fashion week, Suri Polomare has a run in with the Flim Flam brothers; an event that will shape her perception of Manehattan like none other.

    The Embroider's New Cloth

    Characters: Suri Polomare, The Flim Flam Brothers

    [Comedy] 1600 words

    Author: Georg

    Applejack was just a young tyke when she last ventured into the Big Apple in search of sophistication and her future. Now she returns to the big city with her friends only to face the eldritch horror who’s endless hunger threatens to devour her soul yet again. Can she escape her destiny a second time, or is she doomed to remain in the belly of the beast forever.

    Into the Depths of the Big Apple

    Characters: Applejack, Twilight Sparkle

    [Comedy][Random] 1099 words

    Author: Rafael Flores

    After the events of "Rarity takes Manehattan Rainbow Dash has become a monophilia, don't know what that is well think of non stop musical numbers. An interview with Applejack explains how this all began.

    Applejack in an Interview about Rainbow Dash and the Musical Problem or (That fanfiction with the stupid title)

    Characters: Applejack, Rainbow Dash

    [Comedy] 2409 words

    Author: SacredSturgeon

    Suri Polomare sees seasonal spectres! Will her wicked ways be washed away?

    Yet Another Hearth’s Warming Carol

    Characters: Suri Polomare, Babs Seed, The Three Ghosts of Hearth's Warming

    [Comedy] 1050 words

    Author: Takino

    In Manehattan, Crime is an everyday occurance, and it's up to one PI to solve her strangest case yet.

    Another Sunny Day in Manehattan

    Characters: Pinkie Pie

    [Comedy][Random] 1212 words

    Author: Johanson

    "Ponies just bursting into song in random places at the drop of a hat? Who does that?!" were her exact words while in Manehattan. Yet shortly after her visit to the big city, Rainbow Dash wakes up one morning unable to stop spontaneously singing. Perhaps the city left a bigger hoofprint on her than she'd like.

    Rainbow Dash: The Musical

    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Mane Six

    [Comedy] 1550 words

    Author: Cie Cheesemeister

    Spike is angry about the way Suri Polomare treated Rarity during the design competition in Manehattan. Although Twilight Sparkle talks him out of using the ancient art of voodoo for revenge, Spike unintentionally unleashes ancient magical forces with hilarious results.

    Voodoo Victim

    Characters: Spike, Suri Polomare, Zecora


    [Dark][Sad] 5443 words

    Author: Japer Caper

    When Tricks moves to the city of Manehattan to escape his hometown and his past, he gets a lot more than he bargained for. Manehattan leaves its hoofprint upon anypony that ventures into it, no matter how big or how small. Sometimes, it takes more than just the city to change a pony. Sometimes, it takes a little more than just a city to change the world.

    The Manehattan Mob

    Characters: OC: Tricks, OC: Brawn

    [Dark] 2951 words

    Author: Elden Andel

    What was supposed to be a nice trip to Manehatten has turned into a winding adventure for Four Leaf. Inspired by the song Manehatten Nights by Jeff Burgress. Listen to it here: http://youtu.be/OHdoDzmfDRs

    Manehatten Nigths

    Characters: OC, OC

    [Dark][Sad] 6988 words

    Author: Ponichaeism

    Rarity spent years becoming the most successful fashionista in Manehattan, and her generosity is legendary. But when a spell goes wrong, she finds herself lost in a twisted version of the city, a police state where nopony remembers her. As she searches for some mark that she ever existed, the weight of the mean streets wears down the lost and lonely pony.

    Flow My Tears, the Fashionista Said

    Characters: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle


    [Sad][Dark] 1718 words

    Author: lunabrony

    In a matter of moments, everything you know can come crashing down around you. This is only one perspective of the longest night Applejack has ever known.

    The Longest Night

    Characters: Applejack, Big Macintosh

    [Sad] 1773 words

    Author: TinyEquineWithAPen

    Suri Polomare seems like a pretty rotten apple, and she is, but maybe not to the core. When her plan backfires, and Coco leaves she's devastated, and thinks back to the old days.

    Who I Used To Be

    Characters: Suri Polomare, Coco Pommel

    [Sad] 5188 words

    Author: Quillin Words

    A long time ago, Applejack ran away to Manehattan. For a while, it seemed like she would've stayed there. But something changed her mind, and she came back to Ponyville. Now, she's come back with her friends, and when she does, old memories come to the surface. But, what Applejack dreads the most is meeting an old friend again.

    Nobody and Anonymous

    Characters: Applejack


    [Crossover][Random] 1001 words

    Author: scorpion1m

    can derpy and the dr escape a place full of weeping angels?

    angels in manehattan

    Characters: dr whooves, derpy

    [Crossover][Comedy] 5516 words

    Author: AlwaysDressesInStyle

    The Ghostbreakers have to protect Manehattan from Hydia the Carponyian and the Smooze.

    Every Picture Tells A Story

    Characters: Mane 6