• Short Awards 2014 - Daniel Ingram, Equestria Daily, My Little Pony, Tara Strong, and More!

    It is once again that time of year for the shorty award event.  So far it looks like the usual stuff is nominated, with amazing things like Justin Beiber currently dominating.  Are you all going to allow that to happen? The Beliebers beat EQD last year. We may be the underdog by around 200 million, but we must try!

    Some important notes before you go vote, or it wont work:

    • Use an older Twitter account.  While it wasn't proven last year, it didn't look like new account votes were working.  This could have changed. 
    • Make sure you click the right category in the dropdown (Fansite for EQD, Music of Daniel Ingram, ect.)
    • Write in a reason after "because..." in the box under the @username of the person/thing you are voting for or it won't count. (Update: You might need to drop something longer here, not just "Ponies".)  
    • (Update 2: You may need to actually sign into their website and use their template for votes to count, either that or this is totally broken

    Now on to who is up for the running as of this morning (Again, make sure you select the right category):

    Equestria Daily in Fansite
    Daniel Ingram in Music
    My Little Pony in TV Show
    Tara Strong in Actress
    Michelle Creber in Actress
    Peter New in Actor
    Bronies for Good in Charity
    Sweetie Bot in Non Human

    Now get out and vote! I better not see Wrestling beat MLP and Justin Beiber beat EQD this year!