• Random Merch: Pony Red Packets, Fuzzy Felt Set, Friendship Mints, Pirate Plushies And More!

    A bunch of these red packets have popped up primarily over in Malaysia (and China Town in San Francisco) due to the Chinese New Year.  Apparently they are filled with money and given to unmarried people and children by married couples.  A company called Hyaji produces them, though chances are they are just the usual pirate merchandise.  Still really cool! I wouldn't mind grabbing a set.  thanks to Daniel, Derek, and Charlie for the heads up!

    Onward to more stuff! Get it all below.  And remember, you can include a Twitter, Deviant Art, or Facebook account if you are sending stuff in for credit!

    Fuzzy Felt

    Found by Kelvin at an Argos in the UK!

    Friendship Heart Mints

    Now your breath can smell as fresh as a pony's! Or something.

    Found by Kaylan at Blue Moountain Village

    Rainbow Dash with Mane Socks

    Found by Ellie at Justice!

    Through the Mirror and Rainbow Power Toys

    As a reminder for everyone! The Brushable "Through the Mirror" and "Rainbow Power" lines of toys are now invading just about everything. Thanks to Angela, Abi, and Skycatcher for the images!

    Pirate Twilight Plushie

    It looks like a lot of groups are pumping out pony plushies lately in the world of mass produced pirate goods.  That isn't too surprising considering how quickly the Luna's sold out.  These are appearing on Taobao and rarely on Ebay.  Thanks to The Writer and everyone else for the heads up!

    Water Magic Nail Art Kit

    Found at Toys R' Us by Tiffany

    Valentines Day Cards

    I completely forgot about this holiday.  It's next month isn't it? Time flies!

    Found by Victorsaurus at Walmart.