• Nightly Roundup #872

    She was cute before that whole battered by constant adventure thing.  I'm not too sure about this new Daring Do!

    Anyway, get some roundup stuff. 

    Ponies on Late Late Show

    Just a quick neutral piece.  Found over here!

    Doof Daily Pony

    He never did answer the question.

    Delicious Cake!

    Pinkie Apple Pie Transcript

    All the words! Find it here.

    Smosh - DustyKatt Article

    Manliest of all!

    Find it here.

    NY Times Discusses old and New Gen pony

    Find it here!


    "A Twilight Dinner Date" Fanfic Reading

    Find it here!

    "Grounded" Dramatic Reading

    Find it here!

    My Little Pony Monday #32

    Hey guys! This week's video is all about the figurines I've recently added to my collection. I picked up a few of the newer figurine sets from Hasbro as well as a few new Funko figurines from both their original set and the NEW Blind Box set available at both Hot Topic and Target! If you haven't already snagged some of these, I highly recommend them! (n_n)

    Find it here!


    Successful Meetups

    Animate Miama Panel

    The meetup group, Bronies of South Florida will have a My Little Pony Discussion and Trivia Panel this Sunday during ANIMATE MIAMI 2014 from 11:15am to 12:15pm in Panel Room MACC 101!

    We will be discussing My Little Pony, Equestria Girls, the comics, toys and the Brony fandom. We will also have a fun trivia with prizes that will be sure to make you "Smile Smile Smile"!!!

    This panel will be hosted by Bronies of South Florida event organizers Steven Rodriguez, Eddie Grainger, and Roy Elvirus, and BoSF Member Alejandro Romero...with BoSF Member Erika Biramontes delivering trivia prizes to attendees as Derpy Hooves!!!

    You can view this event, along with other events on the ANIMATE MIAMI Online Program Guide

    You can RSVP on Meetup.com and/or Facebook!

    We hope you can make it to our panel!!!

    Pinkie Apple Pie Review - Kim Possible


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Octavia Pillow Case
    Scratch Pillow Case
    Spitfire Scarf