• Nightly Roundup #866

    Bastion plus Spike equals awesome in my book. Well, tonight we are going retro because my compiler isn't working so enjoy a blast from the past!

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    Some More Ponies in Real Life

    I do wish we could have our little ponies in real life, but the real world ones serve pretty well too. Especially when they get fuzzy in the winter.

    Ponies Appear at Chuck E. Cheese Once More

    "If you can recall last year, I mentioned to you that MLP was being shown as part of the Chuck E. Cheese intermissions (Which you put in the Nightly Roundup). Well once again MLP is being shown at Chuck E. Cheese, this time being the Morning In Ponyville segment of Magical Mystery Cure. Personally I wished the Hub sent them Hearts as Strong as Horses, but oh well.

    This is the first time MLP has been at CEC since January of last year. Attached is the CEC Employee Newsletter which shows the show lineup, mentioning MLP. According to the newsletter, MLP is only being shown at US CEC locations. Also, here is a video of the segment playing on the CEC screens."

    WTVY Reports on Japan PonyCon

    The ever awesome WTVY is on the case with a report on Japan PonyCon! Check out what they had to say about the event here.


    Celebrity Wears MLP Dress

    Looks like another celebrity, Rita Ora, likes ponies! Quite an unexpected thing to see pop up on Yahoo. Check out the whole article here.


    Over(Analyze) This: Rarity Takes Manehattan - MLP Episode 73

    Let's Blind SE #1-2

    Let's Blind SimplyExpress is a first-time reaction to Season 4 of MLP:FiM, and the semi-final continuation of the Let's Blind saga.
    Let's Blind SE uses one simple rule: Unlike the Original and TC, SimplyExpress now uses very little blinding gimmicks, thus making the series simply reaction-only, and with this, enabling to keep up the pace of the frequently releasing episodes of the show.

    In this episode, we will be reacting to both parts of Princess Twilight Sparkle, while making the video unintentionally longer, than it should.

    Follow me on Twitter @TKancsarProduct to receive information about future videos.
    Episode 1-2: Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Dysfunctional Equestria: Bronies React Ep 6 - Bats


    Successful Meetups

    Japan PonyCon 2014 Report

    Well, the first Brony convention of 2014, Japan Ponycon January 2014, has finished! We would like to thank everyone who came out, and those that supported the convention, through word of mouth, social media, or even moral support.

    There was a big increase in numbers. We're not a large con yet, but with 162 attending, we almost doubled attendance from last year!

    The con started off with a live Skype chat with the voice of Apple Bloom, Michelle Creber. She answered questions, chatted and gave a few Japanese phrases a try. The crowd loved her, and we really appreciate her taking the time to speak with us.

    But as soon as her call had finished, a surprise Skype call from the manliest brony, Dusty Katt, came in. He gave advice, spoke of his show, and was incredibly entertaining. Our thanks to him as well.

    The panels were a big hit, with Unagi-pie, Rim Piggy and Toki explaining the finer arts of fursuit making, followed by Sukaponta, Stinken and Seidou-Ryu giving a Lauren Faust history lesson, then the Japonies React panel with Sakura Cheetah.

    Artist Alley was a testing of the waters for us, so there were only a handful, but it seemed to go very well. Look for more in the future. Present this time was toy importer Monster Japan, as well as Japan PonyCon goods, Araragi Natsuki's resin brooches, and Equus' blind bag modeling kits.

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders joined the Poniko in their fursuit presence, and many pics were taken. A handful of cosplaers added a splash of color to the event, and the artist area produced a lot of wonderful works, including pictures for Michelle Creber, involving Apple Bloom eating sushi!

    The con went into the night with quizzes, a rock-paper-scissors game, and a speed artist game, all for prizes. Then the DJ took over and bronies danced for hours.

    Japan PonyCon January 2014 was a big success, with higher attendance numbers, a larger area, and more panels, prizes and guests than ever before. Our deepest thanks to everyone who supported the con, and be sure to keep your eye on us. Expect more things to come!

    P.S. The next Japan Ponycon will be on May 4th, 2014 in Tokyo!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Help For Pounce, A Brony in Need

    A brony, by the name of Pounce, from PouncivalGaming has been in a stroke, and needs help financially with his medical fees. He really is struggling. Please post this. Tara Strong and Michelle Creber have also got involved now, and have donated.  Please help your fellow brony.




    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Giant Rainbow Dash Plushie

    Twitter: Calpain