• New MLP Books on the Way - Daring Do Adventure Collection, and "Journal of the Two Sisters"

    Entertainment Weekly has posted up eight exclusive images for an upcoming "Daring Do Adventure" collection. Three original novels will be included dedicated to the one and only Daring Do.  The collection also includes a golden idol mini figure.

    On top of this, a few other books are joining her, including an actual journal of the two sisters:

    My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Celestia and Luna
    A re-creation of the diary Equestria's princesses kept when they were younger, as first seen in season 4's ''Castle Mane-ia.'' Bonus: The book contains a ''Journal of Friendship'' that features diary entries by the show's Mane 6 characters, as well as blank pages waiting to be filled in by fans.

    Yeah, we totally get to read about Filly Celestia and Luna trolling each other in Castle Midnight.  That is going to be amazing.

    Head on over here for the full gallery to check them out. Expect a release of October 7th.  Thanks to everyone for sending it!