• MLP CCG Events Heading to Europe Soon

    Enterplay (Or Amigo) is heading over to Europe soon, with events throughout.  Expect a few dates to creep up over the next few days.  This was the quote found on the Organized Player Magazine (google translated):

    The 'My Little Pony CCG' Prereleases place on 25 & 26 January at 14 operators in Germany and Austria instead! As a little compensation for the long wait of the fans we can provide to you in collaboration with Enter Playlist LLC for these special events a lot of special rates available. All information is available from Monday to http://event.amigo-spiele.de/2014/01/10/my-little-pony-ccg-launch-event-release-party/

    They also have the Rarity card up above joining in as a prize for the events.  Only one person per event will receive them though.  I guess that's why she is called RARITY.  I really am the best comedian ever.

    Thanks to Gregory for the heads up!