• Season 4 Episode 12 - Full Episode Synopsis for Pinkie Pride Released

    And right after the new "Simple Ways" reveal, we have Pinkie's Pride to followup with the full episode synopsis.  Head on down below for that one!

    "Pinkie Pride" - An elated Pinkie Pie is planning the biggest and best "birth-iversary" party ever for Rainbow Dash, but when another party planning pony named Cheese Sandwich rides into town, plans change. Soon, everypony is so excited about Cheese Sandwich's party that they forget about Pinkie Pie, but her pride won't let her go down without an official "goof off," on "My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic," Saturday, February 1 at 10:30 a.m. ET/ 7:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.

    Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong)
    Spike (Cathy Weseluck)
    Pinkie Pie (Andrea Libman)
    Fluttershy (Andrea Libman)
    Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain)
    Applejack (Ashleigh Ball)
    Rainbow Dash (Ashleigh Ball)

    Cheese Sandwich ("Weird Al" Yankovic)

    Kirsten Newlands, Executive Producer
    Stephen Davis, Executive Producer
    Meghan McCarthy, Co-Executive Producer, Story Editor, Writer
    Jayson Thiessen, Co-Executive Producer, Supervising Director
    Amy Keating Rogers, Writer