• Day 1 Episode Game: Most Epic Pony Game Ever

    This has to be the most engaging pony game we have ever seen created from the fandom.  The graphics make the Crysis series look like the Atari 2600 era.  You can't have a game without gameplay though, and this one does not disappoint.   It has the solid controls of Halo, the roleplaying and world building of Baldurs Gate, the e-sports potential of League of Legends, the tactics potential Civilization, and so much speeedrun potential.  Expect Youtube to be flooded with it for the next year or two as people compete on the best possible times. Hopefully Nexus mods opens up a community for it so we can swap the ponies/scrolls out.  I could see something like that thriving as people edit it to make it even greater. 

    And it was all created in a day.  Go play it over here.  Futzi01 really outdid himself.