• Brony Show Interviewing Victor from Enterplay's MLP CCG

    If you're looking to learn some more information about the MLP CCG, The Brony Show is going to be doing an interview with Victor from the MLP CCG.  Get things clarified or bug for general card information! Have the copy paste information on it:

    "Hello everypony. This week we don't have a new episode of The Brony Show but we do have something great for you all. We're going to be interviewing Victor, one of the developers for Enterplay's MLP CCG. It's pretty much an open interview *except* about specific cards that are coming out in set 2 (sorry Luna fans), so come on out if you want to learn more about the team behind the game, how the game developed to what it is today, and what their vision for the future is. This interview will be happening at 10PM EST 7PM PST over at www.thebronyshow.net. Be sure to come so you can post your questions to the developer as well."