• Nightly Roundup #713

    I'm currently at the beach right now with family for vacation so I thought this was appropriate! Internet may be spotty up here, but you can't beat the waves lapping at the beach as you get ready to drift off to sleep.

    Anyhow, not a lot of news tonight so you should be able to speed right through it!

  • Music of the Day #144

    Earlier, I did a Twitter poll thing throwing Vinyl and Lyra against eachother, and Lyra got completely stomped.   In response to this, have a Lyra header.  Poor pony... Shes way cuter.

    Onward to music!

  • Convention Compilation - July 16th

    Conventions! We have a bunch of them coming up.  That's how pony rolls though! Check out the headlines below: 

    BronyCAN: Announcing More Musicians + Message Boards 
    CANterlot Con Press Release
    UK Ponycon 2013 News
    Ponycon AU 2014
    SAC Brony Expo - Announcing DustyKatt and Swift Sketch’s Banner Contest... [More below]

    And full press releases below the break!

  • Story: Refrain

    [Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: NTSTS
    Description: Octavia has always played the piano. From a young age, it was her mother's dearest wish that she would learn, and she couldn't let herself disappoint her mother. So she played the piano. But that isn't to say she wanted to.

    Additional Tags: Music, life, and self-discovery
  • Another Gothic Pinkie Pie Toy

    I'm starting to think Pinkie Pie's Boutique is specifically for Pinkie Pie at this point.  We have yet another toy dedicated to her.  It looks like this one has that black streak from the first leaked image from a while back too.  Once again, this was found at Target.  

    Thanks to Sarah for the head sup!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #866

    I'm still sticking with ponies in armor for best look.  Look at how awesome that is!  We really need a pony RPG. 

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source

  • Story Updates - July 17th

    I think that image is probably the longest running story update post superstar. 

    Onward to story updates! Go read stuff. 

  • MLP Comic Con Posters Revealed

    Following their trend from last year, The Hub will be releasing SDCC Exclusive posters for each of the ponies.  This time around, it looks to be running with an election style, which ties into their best pony poll/event they are doing in a few weeks here.  If you want to keep up to date on when exactly each poster will be made available, hit up their Twitter, as they won't all be released at once. 

    Head on over here to check them all out!

    Or below the break.

  • Penny Arcade's Anti-Nerd Shaming Article

    A few days ago we posted a blurb about a piece Break published that was playing off of a video that has been circulating the internet for a few days about a bunch of people dancing at a pony convention (ARTICLECEPTION).    Today, Penny Arcade blasted Kotaku and others that trashed the guys that were filmed via a quick article about nerd shaming in general.   As we move into a world where just about everything is filmed, it makes a truckload of sense to lower the levels of critical feedback on stuff like that.  The pony fandom isn't the only group that dance like maniacs.  That's kind of the point of the act, to cut loose and have fun.

    Anyway I'll shut up and leave our opinion stuff out of it, check out Penny Arcade's take on the dancing drama over here
  • MLP Motion Comics On The Way

    A company called Madefire that produces "motion comics" (semi-animated comics with moving panels and effects to enhance the reading experience), has plans to work with IDW starting at Comic Con, or more specifically the MLP series.  According to Comicbook.com, they will be releasing both on their iOS app and Deviant Art. 

    If you want an example of what these look like, head on down below the break for their intro video, including a bit of pony. 

  • Another SDCC Collectable - Alicorn Twi

    Hasbro has another SDCC Collectable pony up for grabs.  This one isn't doing a whole lot of new other than the crystals in the wings, but "exclusive" and "collectable" are two words that a lot of you probably find relevant.  Apparently this thing was going to be revealed at Comic Con as a Hasbro Toy Shop thing, but shes already up for pre-order if you want one.  Find it here!

    A HasbroToyShop.com Exclusive revealed at Comic-Con

    This elegant Princess Twilight Sparkle figure sparkles like no other pony with the crystal fire of Swarovski! She's got the flowing hair and tail of a princess, but it's the crystal gems on her wings and the golden glitter of her shoes that give her a truly royal look. She'll add a brilliant touch of class to your collection! Beautiful Princess Twilight Sparkle figure - decorated with beautiful crystal elements by Swarovski. Her horn and shoes are decorated with glitter!

    Includes figure. My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Adult collectible. This is not a toy.
    Thanks to James for the heads up! 
  • Spotlight Music: Reflections Of a Sunset / Divinity / Fire and Ice

    We start this one off with a super chill acoustic vocal track, followed by the exact opposite via some screamo style metal, and finish with another orchestral piece dedicated to Derpy and Carrot Top's Journey. Check them all out below!

    1.) Time Baby - Reflections Of a Sunset
    2.) Canapplejack Feat. Crystal Slave - Divinity
    3.) Fire and Ice - Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic

  • Comic: Recruit Shining Armor / About that Wall / Fluttershy

    We have a bit of cute shiny/twily stuff, followed by a new take on 4th wall breaking, and finish with something dark.  Click for full!

  • Panties and Boxers at We Love Fine

    Not to be outdone by Hot Topic's new lineup of underclothing, We Love Fine has released a line of stuff.  Now you can embellish your crotch with a picture of a smiling Rainbow Dash.  Amaze your friends!  Dodge would be panty-snatchers with the power of friendship! Find them all over here

    Disclaimer: EQD does not recommend the use of underpants for self defense

  • Bronycon Announces G.M Berrow and Maddy Peters

    A couple of last minute pony staffers have been announced for Bronycon.  G.M. Berrow is the writer behind the Crystal Heart Spell and upcoming Rockin' Ponypalooza Party books, and Maddy Peters is of course, Scootaloo.  Check out their full press release below the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #712

    I can't seem to find any Luna in jean shorts. Last night's roundup seemed 5x more popular with Applejack in those, so I can only imagine how many people would flip if Luna donned a pair.

    Anyway, onward to roundup stuff!