• Nightly Roundup #687

    Back to unique ponies for headers! I can't remember the last time Colgate had a chance in the Roundup spotlight. Now I really have an urge to brush my teeth...

    Anyhow, I can do that after the news and the cake we have for you guys tonight. Tons of EqG impressions in this one from Meetup reports so check those out if you are curious!

  • Music of the day #127

    Has Rarity ever headed a Music of the Day post before? Honestly she doesn't pop up often. Lets change that!

    Have nine songs to go with her.

    And have a weekly/whenever I feel like it reminder: Please include genres with music submissions!

  • Album Compulation - June 16th

    Albums, albums everywhere! Hopefully you want to fill your playlists up with some stuff, because that's a ton of songs.  Have a list:
    • I​.​Am​.​Rhyme​.​Flow​.​2012 - Rhyme Flow
    • Equine Destruction - UndreamedPanic
    • Feel - CelestiasBeard
    • This Distance EP - Strobe
    • On the Wings of a Dream - DJ Alez Android
    • Aura: Episode 1 - Baq5
    • 200​,​000​,​000​,​000% COOLER - General Mumble
    And find the full information below the break.

  • Story: Of Course (Update Complete!)

    "One of the more unique and engaging OC tales I've seen in some time. This one's a page-turner."
    Pre-reader Seattle
    Author: RavensDagger
    Description: You see things and ask 'why'. We dream things that never were and ask 'why not?'
    Of Course (New Part 10!)

    Additional Tags: Corruption, Vigilantism, Justice, Betrayal, Light-Dark

  • Story Updates - June 16th

    Story updates!  Go read stuff.

  • Everfree Northwest Charity Album

    A bunch of musicians have teamed up with the goal of getting musicians to the upcoming Everfree Northwest convention.  Have a description:

    Introducing Everfree Northwest's first ever exclusive album: Road to Everfree!  Each contributed song was created by a performing musician at this year's Everfree Northwest and includes pieces by Silva Hound, Cyril The Wolf, ThatSonOfAMitch, Mic The Microphone and others! All profits go toward aiding our musicians with their flight accomodations, so if you can, please give them a hand on their road to Everfree Northwest!
    Head down below the break to check out a preview, or hit up their Bandcamp page to pick it up!

  • Story: A Tale of Two Worlds (Update Part 11!)


    Author: The King of Gingers
    Description: After the events of The Avengers, Loki Odinson sits imprisoned in Asgard. However, events drive him to escape - all the way to Equestria!
    A Tale of Two Worlds (New Part 11!)

    Additional Tags: Loki leaves Asgard for Equestria.

  • Comic: Dashie's Gift / Bump Bump! / Fluttershy's Aim

    It's Father's Day everyone! You know, hopefully we get to see more of the main cast's families next season so we can flesh them out a bit more. It would be nice to see Dash's parents without having to resort to a flashback you know?

    Time for more comics! Click for full.

  • Pony Poetry Compilation

    We don't usually see a lot of poetry in our inbox here at EqD so it was quite a surprise to me to see a collaborative project collecting all sorts of pony poetry into one big collection drop on us! With a collection consisting of over two dozen poems this is probably one of the biggest sources for pony poetry lovers I've seen in the fandom. So if you are a lover of poetry and have been finding what you have seen lacking in the community please feel free to check this out!

    Pony Verse: A Collaborative Collection of Pony Poetry
  • Drawfriend Stuff #836

    Regardless of what you think of the actual movie designs, the fandom sure does know how to make the best of whatever it is they are given to work with. I hope those that do get to see the movie today and next week have fun.

    On to art!

    [1] Source
    The Primate Look Is In This Summer

  • Rebecca Shoichet Joines Twitter!

    We've got a wonderful treat for you all today! After a long wait the singing voice of Twilight Sparkle and the voice of Sunset Shimmer, Rebecca Shoichet, has joined her friends on Twitter. As usual you know what this means, right guys? Time to give her a wonderfully warm welcome!


    Twitter Link
  • EPCU Pony Photo Challenge Update!

    We have an urgent update from the EPCU which announced their photo challenge a couple days ago! Check out the revised details in the information below.

    Hello again, dear pony friends!

    A few days ago, we at the European Pony Convention Union (EPCU) announced our special My Little Pony photo contest celebrating this year's Summer Sun Celebration. Today, we're back with more details and some very good news for you!

    As it can sometimes be frustrating to find My Little Pony products in stores, our photo challenge is now open for anyone to participate! All it takes is a photo of your current My Little Pony collection! Also, BUCK has decided to join the fun by donating one of their "20% Cooler Tickets" as another prize to the event. Yay!

    This gives you the chance to win one of these prizes:

    - A BIZAAM Ticket to GalaCon
    - A Fancy Ticket to BronyDays
    - A Gold Sponsor Ticket to Crystal Fair
    - A 20% Cooler Ticket to BUCK

    And this is how you can participate:

    - Get an account at eurobronies.org and upload a picture of your personal pony herd to the image gallery. There will be a special "Summer Sun Celebration" category.

    - Include your desired convention ticket and a brief description of your photo in the image description of your upload.

    - Your photo must be uploaded by June 30th at the latest.

    - The winners will be picked by the staff members of the EPCU conventions.

    Good luck!

    All EPCU teams

  • Comic: Things Ponies Do / Change of Tone / What's So Precious / Marching up and Down

    We have sudden realizations, Trixie being adorable (as always), some Sweetie Belle/Rarity heartfelt stuff with a few typos, and a tribute to those completely useless royal guards.  Click for full!

  • Simple PMV Compilation #33

    I need to hit the beach at some point in the near future.  That looks pretty relaxing.

    We have five more Simple PMV's in this one.  All below the break as always!

  • Story: Sunset of Time (Update Complete!)


    Author: The Albinocorn
    Description: The wheel of time turns, as destiny and history clash together.

    Fifty years into the future, Sunset Shimmer is Princess Twilight Sparkle's most faithful student. She is smart and eager, but doesn't always think things through. Her life had been perfect, right up to the End of the World.

    With a ruined future, Sunset travels into the past to alter the course of history. With only her mentor's cryptic word to go on, Sunset and the Elements of Harmony must solve the riddle of the Dark Regalia and stop the mysterious Vesper Radiance from rising to power. But the further Sunset goes, the more she feels like she's been through it all before.

    Is destiny set in stone, or can Sunset shape her own future? Only time will tell.
    Sunset of Time (New Part 25-Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: Sunset Shimmer is best pony

  • Equestria Girls Releases, and Theater Listing Reminder

    Today marks the official release of Equestria Girls at numerous theaters around the United States and Canada.  If you are interested in checking it out on the big screen, have some links:

    United States Theater Locations
    Canadian Theater Locations

    So far, the twitter response has been positive based on that L.A. release from yesterday.  I guess the mass flood in the next few days will be the best way to judge it though, or throw caution to the wind, grab some friends, and raid a theater yourselves! 

    I'll toss a reminder post once it pops up online somewhere for those of you without access to a theater.  Hopefully that iTunes listing updates some time soon.

    Until then, feel free to discuss it in the comments below this post.