• Starswirl Academy Seeing Name Changes - Not Shutdown after Hasbro Legal Letter

    The team behind Starswirl Academy tossed a note up about a letter received from from the guys over at Hasbro.  Unlike the usual heavy handed legal approach we see in other fan projects based on the show, this one got by with just a simple request for name changes.  According to their update, Hasbro wanted to avoid confusion with the characters in regards to their actual licensed properties. 

    Expect new names to pop up with the next update.  Hopefully this is a sign of future projects dodging the almighty legal banhammer the same way.  And for those looking to start up a major project with our favorite characters in the future, it might be a good idea to use OC's instead.  That seems to be working out pretty well for some of the other ones.

    Thanks to Dan,  Servant Phoenix, and everyone else for the heads up!