• Random Merch: Twilacorn Equestria Girls Stuff, Advent Calendar, Umbrellas, and More!

    More random Equestria Girls stuff appears to be sneaking into the retailer circuit.  Two Twilight Sparkles in shirts are popping up at Walmart.  Thanks to Anja and Nika for the heads up!

    And head on down below for more random merch!

    Advent Calendar

    Europe gets all the cool calendars. Found over in Switzerland. Thanks to Gotz for the heads up.

    Boatloads of Shirts at Hautelook

    I think we posted a few of these, but loads more were added. Thanks to May Flowers for the heads up! Find them over here.

    Boxed Secrets Set

    Diaries, Stickers, and more. Found at Walmart by cdarkwolf.

    Random Walmart Shirt

    Found by Julia !


    Found at Toys R' Us by Flarabelle

    Rainbow Dash Boxers

    They just love using that bedroom eyes vector on underclothing.  Found over here by Adonis.

    Fluffy Pony Headphones

    Found at Toys R' Us by Midnight Sonnet for 20 bucks!