• Ponies Around the World Deadline Reminder and October Events!

    I honestly didn't mean to fill October up with so many events at once.  It just happened that way!

    First off, as a reminder for all of you would be photographers out there, the deadline for Ponies Around the World is tomorrow night! If you have an image to submit, or have no clue what this is, head on over here to read up on getting it over to us. Right now we have around 249 entries on that one, so it's looking like we might be splitting it up like the old days for the sake of all your computers not exploding.

    And in the world of pumpkin carving, the deadline for that one is roughly a week and a half out.  If you plan to ponify your Halloween, hit this post up for submission information on that!

    And finally, the Halloween Fanfiction contest closed the other day.  Expect a compilation of that in a few days here. 

    Now go be creative!