• Nightly Roundup #784

    I still haven't decided how big I want Celestia and Luna to be in my headcanon.  For whatever reason, it's really difficult to envision.

    Time for some early morning roundup! Blame Starcraft again.  This campaign is super addictive. 

    Chanegeling Empire in Civilization 5

    Conquer everything! Get it here.


    Fluttershy Tattoo

    Always did like that outline style.

    FiM Survey

    Copy Paste:

    My name is Alexander Hurd. I am conducting a survey to find out what exactly makes the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic very enjoyable to watch, and I need your input. This survey is asking what you as the fans of MLP: FIM think of the show. It will ask you different questions based on what aspects of the show you like the most, what in the show draws your interest, and how you rate each aspect of the show on a 1-5 scale. If you want to take the survey and voice your opinion, you can take it by going to this link:

    Take it here!


    Live Reading - Silent Ponyville 2

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3


    Successful Meetups

    South Florida

    On September 29th, members of the Bronies of South Florida meetup group went to the September "BTL Collectibles Show" at the Miccosukee Casino and Resort in Miami to find some good deals on comics, toys, video games, etc. There was some great items on sale (One of our members got REALLY lucky and found eight MLP comics being sold at 60% off each, so he paid $12 in total!!!) ! Afterwards, we went to the Miccosukee Resort's arcade and played some air hockey and other arcade games. After that, we all drove to McDonald's and ate lunch. It was a fun event, I am really looking forward to the next collectibles show in October!



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    GALUP- Gathering for All Lancaster University Ponies

    With fresher’s Fair on Thursday (03/10/2013) we would like to invite all those interested to come by our stall in LICA and sign up for loads of activities, fun and even discounts on toys throughout the year!

    Drop by our mini-meet at 6pm in Grizedale Bar for a few themed drinks before the next round of bar crawls begins to meet some of the members after the fair.

    Our weekly Saturday meets will return after freshers on the 12th.

    Hope to see you there!

    Facebook Page

    Idaho Meetup

    Attention Idaho Bronies!!

    Come on and join us for the 3rd Annual Wahooz Meetup, marking the second anniversary of the first brony meetup in the Treasure Valley!

    We'll be meeting at Wahooz Family Fun Zone for pizza, laser tag, go karts and more!

    Date: October 11th, 2013
    Time: 6 PM - 11 PM

    Place: Wahooz Family Fun Zone
    Off of Overland Rd, next to Roaring Springs, West of Meridian Rd.

    Cost: $25 (please bring cash!)

    (Check the event page to see how you can get a discount for a $20 pass)

    1. 3 slices of pizza!
    2. Unlimited soda fountain access during the half hour table time!
    3. 3 hours unlimited go-karts, laser tag, mini golf, maxflight, and Pinz bowling!
    4. $5 game card!
    5. Lifelong brony memories!

    The meetup starts at 6 PM inside the food court area.



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Halloween Perler Ponies

    This Day in Pony History

    2011: All of season 1 at the same time!
    2012: GIANT Trixie cake!

    EQD Celebrations!

    Another banner! It's really difficult to get these to work with the top thing though! Thanks to Candi for it!