• Convention Compilation - October 25th

    Loads of convention news lately. We have a bunch of headlines:

    Nightmare Nights' Super Secret Guest Revealed!
    Sydneigh 2014 Announced
    Trottawa 2013 Pre-Registration Closed
    Pony Panel at Hal-Con 2013
    Delta Brony Fanfest Announced (Memphis, TN)
    Radio Brony French Minicon Announced

    And the full press releases below the break!

    Nightmare Nights' Super Secret Guest Revealed!

    If you've not been paying any attention to our Twitter account the last week or so, our secret guest decided to go public! Mandopony will be in attendance at the convention and will be performing a 2 hour acoustic set during our Friday night concert!

    Also, have a pic of our 3-weeks-before-it's-on-sale Build-A-Bear Fluttershy! You have to be here on Sunday at our charity auction to bid, but it will be signed by Andrea Libman as a bonus to the winner. We're extremely grateful to Build-a-Bear for donating her!

    So if you've been on the fence, heres your chance to get your hands on an adorable Fluttershy, 3 weeks before she'll be in stores! Tickets are on sale online up to the day of the convention, then on site.

    Sydneigh 2014 Announced

    Citizens of Equestria Daily, behold the newest convention coming to Sydney, Australia. Sydneigh 2014 will be held 27th and 28th September at the Australian Technology Park. There will be a variety of events, activities and competitions over the weekend. Andrew Francis, the voice of Shining Armor will also be joining us among other special guests.

    You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Livestream and YouTube.

    Don't forget to join our mailing list on Sydneigh.com.au to make sure you don't miss any of our exciting announcements!

    Trottawa 2013 Pre-Registration Closed

    Hello folks! It’s Trottawa here again to let you know that pre-registration is now closed. But if you haven’t yet purchased a pass there is still a chance to attend! One day passes will be sold at the door to N2U Friday the 1st of November through Sunday the 3rd of November. Passes to N2U will get you access to Trottawa 2013 and the N2U anime convention. For more information on N2U’s convention passes click here.

    We would also like to announce that the Trottawa 2013 itinerary is complete and can be viewed here on our website!

    And as always you can keep up to date on the current news and events of Trottawa 2013 by following us on our Facebook!

    Pony Panel at Hal-Con 2013

    The Nova Scotia Bronies will be hosting a panel at Hal-Con 2013, Atlantic Canada's largest Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Comic Convention with an average attendance of 6000 held annually at the World Trade and Convention Centre in Downtown Halifax.

    Come and join us Saturday afternoon, November 9th from 2:45 - 3:30pm in Workshop Room #1 aka "Fluffy's Den", for a discussion about the show itself, to discussing the brony fandom and what our group is all about, and what we do locally in the community!

    Visit http://hal-con.ca/ for more information!

    Delta Brony Fan Fest

    Location: 750 Cherry Rd Memphis, TN 38117
    Date: March 8th, 2014


    Come and join us for a full day of fun, friendship and ponies!

    Come take a picture with Pinkie Pie, get derpy with Derpy, enter the Best Pony costumes or skits, enjoy a muffin or two, be involved in one of the many panels, buy something in the dealer’s room, and much more!

    Fun for the entire family!

    The first official pony convention in the Mid-South held at the Memphis Botanic Gardens.

    $3 Preregistration and $6 at the door!

    Brought to you by Delta Fan Fest.

    Radio Brony French Minicon

    Radio Brony (french webradio) is planning an event in Paris for the 23rd of November, day of the new season of My Little Pony.
    The Minicon will take place in a private theater of 50 sits.
    So come watch the new season surrounded by fellow bronies ! Popcorn, sodas and sweets awaits you.
    A Fighting is Magic tournament is planned, come play on a big screen, remote in hands, with tons of pony stuff to win for the best fighters.

    If you live in France and wish to join us, you can find all the informations you need on our page :

    Apart of that, we are holding a crowdfunding campaign to decrease the price of the ticket. It's a good opportunity to help anybrony with a low budget to attend the con, and it's also a way to get exclusive Radio Brony goodies.


    If our campaign is successful enough, the convention might become completely free.

    Thank you, hope to see you there !