• 39/66 Days of Pony - Baby Cakes

    We had seen the baby pony model once before in Mysterious Mare Do Well, and reactions to it were mixed.  Some thought the beady eyes were creepy (myself included), and others thought that were beyond adorable.  The overlords of pony decided we needed an entire episode dedicated to them!

    What do you get when you cross Pinkie Pie's over the top squeaky voice with crying babies?  Ouch.  Yes ouch.  The episode as a whole was pretty good, but I had to turn my speakers down to get through it.  I wasn't even phased during Too Many Pinkie Pies, but this was just too much!

    It redeemed itself once the references set in though.  The whole horror movie vibe was done surprisingly well.  If I was 10, I would have been scared.  In the end though, it just further fortified my baby ponies = creepy.

    (For the record, I think real human babies are creepy too.  They are like little throwupy aliens! So gross!) 

    What were your initial reactions? Hit the comments up!