• Random Merch: Hooded Pony Dress, Deluxe Gift Case, Sticker Kits, and More!

    Hot Topic has added another new item to their line of pony clothing.  I don't think i've ever seen a hooded dress before, but it is now a thing.   You can find it over here.  Thanks to Julia for that one. 

    And below the break, loads more random merch! Happy hunting!

    Deluxe Gift Case

    Found at Costco in Chicago Illinois by Victor

    Sticker Activity Kit

    200 stickers, 20 pages, and four play scenes total in this one.  Found at Toys R' Us.  Thanks to Victor for the heads up!

    Cell Buttons


    Found at Hot Topic this time by Flarabelle.

    Portfolio Case and Matching Pen

    Both found on the Toys R' Us website.  Get the pens here and the portfolio here! Thanks to Neomi and

    Zecora Bag

    Another Toys R' Us piece.  They are turning into the new Hot Topic.  Found by Maggie.

    Dash Mug

    Found at Comixology of all websites.  Thanks to Kevin for the heads up!

    Party City Stuff

    And we finish off this edition of Random Merch with loads of stuff from Party City.  If you find things in your travels around various retail stores (or the internet), send them to the submit box!