• Nightly Roundup #773

    Hey guys, starting off tonight on a serious note because there are some things I would like to clear up, especially if you are a follower of my Twitter feed. After putting a lot of thought into it, I have come to a conclusion that the fandom around pony has caused me enough stress and anxiety that it is possibly contributing to my problems. As such, I have made a decision that if my stress and anxiety from the fandom does not let up by the end of season 4 I will resign from my position here at EqD and disappear from the pony fandom completely.

    This is not something I am taking lightly, but after the stress from the drama caused by the season 3 alicorn drama, the EqG drama (which still continues), being called a 'Hasdrone', drama during the media wars, the 'Down with Molly' drama which effected me as I am an editor on that tumblr, and just the general complaints and whining I experience everyday... I am just burnt out. And if it continues I just don't want to be a part of it anymore, for the sake of my health and happiness.

    With that out of the way, onto the news...

    Tonight's Stories

    Bronies the Movie

    "Bronies" is a scripted, comedic short film about one brony's journey to "come out". Shane Foster has always been ashamed of his "bronyism" but when his uptight girlfriend catches him in the act (of watching a pony video) his deep, dark secret is out. With only his best friend to back him up, Shane now has to deal with the reactions of his co-workers, his boss and even his parents.


    Movie on Youtube:

    Info about the cast:

    Fundraising for more episodes:

    CRISIS: Equestria Book

    "We are proud to present to you the first photo of the finished version of the book edition CRISIS: Equestria!

    Well is not that lovely?

    The book has 484 pages and contains fifteen early chapters. Currently we are in the first copies of packing for shipment. Also, get ready, because next week you can to knock postman with a crisis! ;)

    From there, I also want to again thank Proenixowi and Ressetowi for assistance in preparing the book!

    --------------------- I am proud to present the first picture of the printed edition of CRISIS: Equestria!

    Is not it beautiful?

    The book is 484 pages long and contains the first fifteen chapters.

    If by any chance somebody from the Crisis Team is reading this: thank you all so much for making such a great story! I promise I will continue my efforts in translating it, as well as making the rest of the story into a printed version. Keep up the wonderful work! Also, another big THANK YOU to Starlight Spark, for allowing us to use his art for the cover!

    And here's a few bonus images / Have a few extra photos here ;)

    Check out the full story here!

    Top Ten Mare Silliness

    If you take this seriously, I have no words for you.

    Claire Corlett On Canadian TV

    Too Many Pinkie Pies IRL

    Pinkie Pie Cupcakes

    Looking good.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Croatia Bronies Meetup

    It's been 2 years since brony community started off in Croatia. On 2nd of October, Croatia Bronies (back then known as Zagreb Bronies) group was created. Since 2nd of October is Wednesday, birthday will be on nearest weekend, which will be 28th of September.
    There will be annual Pony trivia contest for pony prizes (questions will be from Season 1,2,3 and from Equestria Girls, Canon only).
    Meetup will start off on 28th of September, in 2.30pm on Bundek lake in Zagerb city (next to big park, in front of unfinished pony graffiti (maybe it'll be finished till then)).
    Bring your own food and drinks.
    This event will be updated on time in case of rain.

    for all info and questions, contact on [email protected] or on +385977739001

    event page:

    Croatia Bronies: https://www.facebook.com/zagreb.bronies.cronies

    PA Meetup

    im holding a meetup on the 28th of September in pa. here is a facebook link to the event page for information please contact me at this email


    CRISIS: Equestria Audio Play Promo

    Hello EQD!

    It has been a few months since you've heard from us, but we have gathered our voice actors for the Bogyle Bronies' production of the CRISIS: Equestria Audio Play! I am here today to recruit more talent for our production and give a sample of the creative individuals working with us insofar

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    How to Make Apple Cider Cupcakes

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    September 21, 2011-2012

    2011 -Baldur's Gate Pony Mod and an episode gap clarification.

    2012 -Possible FiM movie on the horizon.