• Discussion: Teleported to Equestria and Granted One Spell!

    Once again, the Great and Powerful Twilight Sparkle has accidentally summoned you to Equestria.  As a way of saying she is terribly sorry for ripping you out of your dimension and into hers, Twilight, in all her princessly glory, has offered to gift you with a single form of magic.   The only catch? You have to have prior knowledge of it, so it needs to be something that has happened in the show.

    The best part? It's not limited to unicorn magic! Have some examples:

    Want it Need It
    Single or Mass Teleportation
    Giant City Barrier
    Bolt of agony
    Gem Finding
    Cloud Walk
    Butterfly Flight


    Chocolate Rain
    Summon: Hedge Maze
    Body Part Removal
    Gravity Reversal/Removal

    Summon: Tornado
    Cloud Manipulation

    Earth Pony: 
    Apples Apples Apples Apples 

    There are of course, loads more.  As long as it's in the show, you can learn it.  After one week, Twilight will return you to Earth, and you will keep the ability to use for whatever purpose you wish over here.  Choose wisely!