• Album Compilation - August 18th

    Seems like we just recently had an album post.  Tons of these things are coming in lately.  Have a list of musicians and titles:
    Party in the Everfree - FraGmenTd
    Imagined Equestria - Emkay
    The Lesser Knowns Volume 4 - The LEsser Knowns
    This Platform - Legion
    Ride the Lightning EP - DJ Alez Android
    Harmonic Discordance - Baschfire
    Hoofdachest - Donglekumquat
    And get all the information below the break!

    Party In The Everfree EP
    Musician: FraGmenTd
    Genre: Electronic/Dance/Rock

    Description: Collection of tracks to be performed by FraGmenTd at Everfree Northwest 2013 (except The Night's Alive).

    The Lesser Knowns Volume 4
    Musician: The Lesser Knowns
    Genre: Mixed

    Description: The fourth installment of The Lesser Knowns. More artists, more music, and more content overall!

    Imagined Equestria
    Musician: Emkay
    Genre: Ambient

    Description: Imagined Equestria is an ambient album that showcases various areas and events throughout the land of Equestria all the way from the Frozen North to Tartarus, the moon, and everywhere in between!

    This Platform
    Musician: Legion
    Genre: Dubstep, Rap, and more

    Description: A collection of music produced from December 2012 to April 2013, This Platform has been a learning process for me to produce and put together.

    Ride the Lightning EP
    Musician: DJ Alez Android
    Genre: Dubstep / Electronic

    Description: My third album, featuring colabs, solos, electro, dubstep, you name it! Proving to be my most complex album yet, it's also cross-genre, containing house, electro, electro house, trance-step, and many other crossovers of electronic music styles. Also, one of my goals with this album is to officially become profitable; paying off all the money I've put into making my music.

    Harmonic Discordance
    Musician: Baschfire
    Genre: J-pop, Dubstep, Drumstep

    Description: Baschfire's 16 track album of orchestral dance music, which features vocals from Eurobeat Brony and Meredith Sims! There are a wide variety of genres, including J-pop, Dubstep, and Drumstep. Shoutouts to Trixie and Fluttershy.

    Musician: Donglekunquat
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: A mixture of styles including electro rock and trance, "Hoofdachest" is donglekumquat's first album.