• SDCC Panel Highlights: IDW Pony Comic Panel

    We took some notes on the highlights of the pony side of the IDW panel   A lot of neat stuff is on the way from these guys for all you comic fans.  And if you aren't reading the comics, get on it already!

    Head on down below for all of it. 

    Micro Series Information:
    The Spike micro comic is about his  jealousy of not having his own pets, and how he mail orders sea beasts.  Magic ensues. 

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders micro involves a new creature that represents them in many ways and covers the difficulties of being a kid. 

    Cadance and Shining Comic: 
    The Cadance and Shining armor story revolves around how they met up as teen,  via a teen comedy style high school pony story.

    Shining armor was a nerd and highschool reject with a band of rejects.  Cadance is the girl everyone wants. 

    Shining Armor's Dungeon and Dragons style game was actually created as a real pen and paper game for real life. 

    MLP Annual Equestria Girls Info: 
    The MLP annual Equestria Girls comic is about Sunset Shimmer's  story (starting with the teaser in the comic here at SDCC) about how she ended up in humanland and high school.  It also covers the first year of the Equestria Girls cast,  including human mane 6 and how they broke apart as friends. 

    General Stuff:
    Special edition MLP book on the way with over 1000 commissioned images within.  One variant for each pony with custom title pages,  overlays,  and sketch card art. Blue label edition limited to 30 copies with an original oil painting included. 

    Micro comic funpacks on the way,  with pocket sized versions of the comic books.  Inckudes a comic,  1 of four stickers,  one of four posters and one of four tattoos.  They also have drawing guides based on which pony you pick,  as well as repositionable stickers to play with.  Focusing on a younder demographic with these. 

    Twilacorn might pop up later after they see how season 4 does. 

    Fan favorite character on the way after Spike (possibly Derpy from the reactions)

    No comic adaptation of  fanfiction. 
    IDW panel was pretty much dominated by pony.  The guys up front kept joking about it. 
    Katie wanted to use Big Mac because he doesn't really talk and is kind of insecure,  and throwing him into a wacky festival in the middle of Ponyville is funny. 

    Andy's favorite thing to draw is Luna.
    They had the option to make their own major villian, but they felt Chrysalis needed to be fleshed out.  New villian will be included in the Shining and Cadance story.