• Saturday Livestreams and Drawfriend

    And we're back! Thanks for waiting patiently viewers and streamers as I was off to Everfree. Now that I am back we can get down to business. Time for some streams!

    As always with this event, if you want to partake in the madness make sure to send an email to me at [email protected] with your name, the type of art you'll be doing, a gallery link (optional) a link to your livestream and a banner (also optional). Make sure that your stream follows our content guidelines as laid out under our submit tab and also make sure to that you can be ready to stream at our standard time of 4pm EST / 1pm PST on Saturday. Also, if you participated in this week's stream event please send me the art you made so I can include it in next week's Livestream Drawfriend.

    Artist's Streaming Today:

    AnticularPony (General Art, starting at 5pm EST) - Livestream - Gallery

    AskFrigidDrift (Tumblr Comic) - Livestream - Tumblr

    AssasinMonkey (General Art/Art Q&A) - Livestream - Gallery

    BrainedBySaucePans (General Art/Requests) - Livestream - Tumblr

    Captain64 (Requests) - Livestream - Gallery

    ClexLamp (Requests) - Livestream - Gallery

    Dahtamnay (General Art/Requests) - Livestream - Gallery - Tumblr

     Io Kusanagi (General Art) - Livestream - Gallery

    Kryptchild (Discount Commissions) - Livestream - Gallery - Price Sheet

    Rulsis (General Art) - Livestream - Gallery

    Silfoe (General Art) - Livestream - Gallery 

    Tacohat Comics (General Art/Requests) - Livestream - Galleries - 1 - 2 - 3

    Tympany/Tim_Kangaroo (General Art/Videos) - Livestream - Gallery

    Musicians Streaming Today:

     Band of Bronies (Music Production) - Livestream

    Saturday Livestream Drawfriend!