• Japanese MLP Manga Detailed

    As was announced a while back, a new pony focused short manga will be unveiled in Japan.  In September, the magazine Pucchi Gumi (image above) will have it included within. 

    You may be thinking, "but don't we already see a bunch of vector comics in other girly/kid looking magazines across the world?".  And you would be right at that! We have posted quite a few, and most of them are pretty ridiculous looking.  The generic stock vector of Twilight Sparkle they are using in the announcement above definitely doesn't help any.

    Fortunately, they seem to have brought on these guys to do it.  If you are curious about their other Manga works, hit up either the gallery page, or their "Works" section. 

    Or something even more relatable, via a series of Zelda manga they did (image below).   Hopefully the same level of quality is applied to pony, followed by it being split off from the Magazine and sold separate.  I wouldn't mind another pony comic to follow every month. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent this stuff in, and Bojo Pigeon for the pile of links and translating stuff for us!