• Brony Study Seeking Ex-Bronies

    If Twilight Sparkle were here, she would be proud.  The Brony Study, which you may remember from their giant analysis on the fandom as a whole via 5000 pony fans taking a giant quiz, is moving on to another phase.  This one focuses entirely on ex-broinies, or anyone else that has left the pony scene behind.

    Head on down below the break for the full press release and links to go help out!

    The researchers at the Bronystudy would like to thank all of the Bronies (5200 at last count) who recently helped us to collect data about the concerns and issues that are negatively affecting member of the Brony fandom (why do some fans quit/leave). We are completing the data analysis and will post the results prior to our upcoming presentation at BronyCon in Baltimore.

    We would like to ask the fandom’s help in completing a somewhat daunting task. We want to recruit a group of former MLP fans (ex-Bronies). The best way to answer the question about why fans leave the herd is to ask those individual who have left. For this reason we have created a survey for these former fans. We are offering them an opportunity to freely share their frustrations with and concerns about the fandom.

    You can help us by sending this link http://www.bronystudy.com/thebronystudyformerfansurvey/ to anyone you know who might qualify as a former fan/ex-Brony. In addition, feel free to post it to any message boards or sites where you feel former fans might have an opportunity to read it!

    If you are an active Brony and did not complete our earlier survey (announced on EQD in mid-May) but are interested in completing it you may do so by following this link


    Thank you all for your continued support and we hope to see you at our BronyCon panel presentations!