• MLP Birthdays: Lauren Faust, Steffan Andrews, Andrea Libman, and Claire Corlett

    Pinkie Pie is busy gathering up party supplies because this month is going to be busy with birthday bashes! We have three birthdays this month for staffers involved with MLP, starting with Steffan Andrews, song orchestrator, on July 9th followed by Andrea Libman on July 19th and finally a grand finale at the end of the month with Lauren Faust's birthday on July 25th! You what you need to do artists! Get your pens ready and draw some bday art for our favorite pony staffers! Make sure to send anything you come up with to [email protected] with MLP Birthdays:Steffan/Andrea/Lauren in the subject line.

    Update: Claire Corlett, the voice of Sweetie Belle, also has a bday on July 9th!

    For references to their OCs (if they have one) you can find them below:

    Steffan Andrews
    Lauren Faust