• Upcoming Mini-Figure Collection Set Names

    We already saw these ponies way back during the Toy Fair, but now we have actual names listed for each set:
    Royal Surprise
    Includes - Chrysalis, Celestia, Twilight Sparkle

    Groovin Hooves
    Includes - Lyra, Octavia "Melody", Lyrica Lilac

    Pony Lesson
    Includes - Cheerilee, Silver Spoon, and Twist "a-Loo" 
    I'm a bit disappointed that they ran with a generic Rarity model for Lyra (She actually looked better as a recolor Twilight Sparkle even), but that Octavia looks amazing. Hopefully we see them invade soon. 

    Thanks to Everyone that sent it over the last few days, and Candygram for the image.