• Trotcon Announces Peter New and Dave Polsky

    Another convention has added some show staff to their repertoire. Trotcon has invited both Dave Polsky and Peter New to join them in June.  Head on down below the break for the full press release!

    Hello friends! We are announcing a change in our guest roster. Sometimes, life changes without warning and sometimes these changes lead to new and better things. Lee Tockar has been nominated for an Emmy! This spectacular news comes with a price for us, however. The Emmys fall on June 14th this year, the first day of our con, so he will not be able to join us for Trotcon 2013. We wish Lee the best and we want him to get that Emmy! What does this mean for Trotcon? Well, it means we have to bring in a guest who’s every bit as whacky and wild as Lee is. We’ve found just the guy. Trotcon announces Peter New! He may play shy and reserved characters like Big MacIntosh and Sunil Nevla but he’s a pocket full of firecrackers in person. We are excited to have him!

    Hold on to your hooves, we have another guest! He’s funny. He’s talented. He’s coming to his first pony convention as a guest at Trotcon! Announcing the Comedy Gag Master of Ponies, Dave Polsky! You may not know the name right off the tongue but you certainly know his work. This writer for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic brings us some of the most fun filled, zany episodes there are! Such episodes include: “Feeling Pinkie Keen,” “Two Many Pinkie Pies,” and “Keep Calm and Flutter On.” Trotcon will be the first convention at which he has panels. We welcome him and we will show him and all of you a wonderful time!

    Sponsor badge sales will be ending on May 10th, meaning this Friday. So if you have been on the fence about getting one or upgrading to one now is your last chance. If you have one you will get to attend our VIP Dinner, with our newly mentioned guests plus all of the other guests we have announced. You get priority seating at events, half price admission to Zoombezi Bay, and one free autograph. There will also be a bunch of goodies that only sponsor badge holders get!

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