• Nightly Roundup #672

    I'm a pony of my word so have some Sea Swirl tonight for the header! It's a shame there is such little art of her out there. Maybe that will change one day!

    Anyhow, time for the news guys! Check it after the break.

    Have a Snack

    Send Requests for Candy Ponies Here

    Always nice to start the evening with a sweet pick me up, right?

    Meet the Bronies - WTVY Segment

    WTVY continues being their awesome self with a little article and video on actual fans from the fandom itself! You've got to love this local station's dedication and positive attitude towards us. If any of the staff over there read our Roundups, I just want to say thanks for being awesome!

    Article Link

    Beyond the Trailer - Equestria Girls

    Brony High School Club Makes Yearbooku

    Click to Read Text
    Considering how hard it is to get in the year book, at least back when I was in high school, this is indeed quite a feat! Congrats to the bronies of Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA!

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Copy Paste:

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. This week we will be watching a Disney sequel. Said sequel will be the Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. A horrible sequel to a story where the main character kills himself at the immense grief of of Esmiraldas death by starving himself next to her corpse. And then Disney makes a sequel to this. Where Esmirelda, Who was hung at the gallows in the original, is married to Pheobus, who is actually supposed to have married someone else who hated Esmiralda, especially after Pheobus had had sex with Esmiralda, whom Frollo wanted, have a son together, who shouldn't 
    exist because this movie shouldn't exist, that is friends with Quasimodo, who should be dead. Basically, they made a movie where Quasimodo could have a love interest because he didn't end up with Esmiralda. So there is a festival or something and this guy wants the bells of notre dame because they are shiny. And Quasimodo has to stop them. Thats it. Thats what they came up for a sequel. There shouldn't be a sequel to this franchise. It's stupid.

    Hosts for film night will be:
    Harlequin Jester
    Feral Socks
    Pony Cat

    LOCATIONS FOR THE MOVIE WILL BE HERE:  http://www.livestream.com/derpiboorumovienight?t=958481



    Last Exit to Ponyville - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Copy Paste:

    New episode of Last exit to Ponyville

    Hark, the dark times approach, a loathsome foe approaches that threatens to rip the MLP fandom in twain. It is of course…Equestria Girls. Listen as Trevor “that other angry guy” lets lose his rage upon the world. It is up to Mike “the Birdman” Dodd and Laura “Devils Advocate” Thomas to keep this train from flying off the tracks.
    Will Trevor’s rage be quelled by rational arguments? Tune in to find out.
    Join the debate and let us know how you feel about MLP’s first national theatrical release.
    A tremendous thanks to EQ for helping us out and watch their website and ours for new call in topics
    Make sure you Interact with the show via:
    Email: [email protected]
    Voicemail: 817 717 7202


    Successful Meetups

    XS-ICA Brony Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The XS-ICA Brony Group held their first meet up last May 25, 2013 and even if only 11 members of the group showed up, it was still a lot of fun! We watched Fast and Furious 6, played some games at the arcade, and had a few games of Laser Tag! Even a little girl we met while playing Laser Tag recognized Applejack from a shirt one of our members was wearing!

    We didn't get a chance to look for MLP merchandise but it really didn't matter because everyone was having a good time!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Brony World At Creative Innovations

    Idaho Bronies Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    A simple lunch meetup at Ann Morrison Park! 
    We'll begin meeting at noon, and stick around for as long as people want to stick around.
    Bring your own food and drink, but feel free to bring enough to share! 
    If you have trouble finding us, just post to the event page.

    DeviantArt Contest 

    The Bronies of Berlin are holding a contest with some awesome prizes which you can possibly win if you draw their mascot into a game or similar media! Check the full details at the link below.

    Contest Journal
    Fan Project Looking for VA

    Copy Paste:

    Coming this Fall, from Pouncing Pegasi Productions, a fan episode that serves as a sort of "prequel" to the life of Scootaloo. 

    The fan episode is estimated to be around around 15 to 20 minutes in length (as timed through our storyboards and screenplay). We have amazingly talented people working on this animation. We also have an experienced and talented cast made up of Meredith Sims, Emily Koch, and Will Lightfoot. 

    We're currently looking for a voice actress for Sweetie Bell... the role only requires a few lines of dialogue. A good quality microphone is preferred. If you'd be interested in such a role, please contact me at [email protected]

    As of now, we have finished storyboarding, most of our character rigs, and are in the process of voice recording. We are also prepping to begin animating. We plan to release the fan episode on YouTube sometime this November. 

    Writer/Director ~ Ian Ballinger
    Lead Animator ~ Derek Root
    Animator ~ Artem Barablin
    Animator ~ David "Al" Morales
    Animator ~ Paul Nivix
    Animator ~ Travis Russell
    Composer ~ Chris Heron (aka TheDashDub)
    Storyboard Artist ~ David "Al" Morales
    "Pouncing Pegasi" logo by Starbat on deviantART.

    For more information and updates on the fan episode visit these links: 

    Trotting Dead Update and Recruitment

    Copy Paste:

    We're also in need of a Inker to help us progress on this stage of the comic, 
    and a background artist to do corrections if possible.

    We hope we can dispel doubts on the project and
    garner support and feedback from the bronies~

    Neverwinter Guild Looking for More

    Copy Paste:

    Hello! We are looking for people to join our guild "Elements of Harmony" in Neverwinter. The plan is to dominate in PvP, PvE, etc. Our current focus is recruitment. Minimum level to join is 10, just so we know that you know what to do. 
    Contact us in game at:

    Hope to see you in-game soon!

     Graz Brony Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Hello my fellow "Kleinrossfreunde" this saturday at 6 p.m. the 5th
    Pegasister&Brony Meetup is happening in Graz, Austria!

    Where? The "Pony Lodge" of course!
    On their Facebook page they said that they specially for us were serving
    horse meat burgers^^
    well, I think it's worth a try :P

    Join us at: http://doodle.com/axh55ue3ydr3w96g#table

    or leave us a message at the bronies.de Forum thread:



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Perler Fluttershy Portrait
    Celestia and Luna Painting
    Derpy Painting

    This Day in Pony History - May 31, 2011-2012

    2011 - Bnet reports on the business aspects of MLP:FiM, marking another mainstream media outlet to report on pony. The Artist Training Ground hits day five.

    2012 - Lyra and Trixie hit Toywiz and the Humblr Brony Bundle continues with a new round of charity donations.